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      Beer Faubourg 4.5% Bapbap | Lager
      Blonde Bouteille Edition Limitée En stock
      Faubourg is a new permanent beer from BAPBAP (at least in 2021). It is a pilsner-type beer with German and Austrian hops to stick as closely as possible to the initial recipe.
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      Brewery Bapbap

      BAPBAP is the brasserie of Paris par excellence. Its name also means "Brassées à Paris, Bues à Paris". The idea is rather successful with 98% of their sales in the Paris region. 

      Moreover Edouart and Archibald, the 2 founders, have not done things by halves with more than 34 beers brewed in 5 years including 9 beers permanently available.

      BAPBAP has been established since 2014 in Oberkampf (11th arrondissement) in a magnificent former textile warehouse whose ironwork could lead us to believe that it was designed by Gustave Eiffel himself. 

      Since 2019, the premises have been hosting a BAPBAP taproom and a shop. Although the 1800 square meters are rather spacious, the success of BAPBAP beers led to the establishment in 2021 of a second production site in Sucy-en-Brie. It's no longer Paris intramural but we reassure you it's still in the "Grand Paris".

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