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      Brewery Azimut

      Azimut is a Bordeaux brasserie that explores styles and flavors all over the place.

      The brewery was founded in 2016 by Paul & Vincent with the project of producing simple beers that are easy to drink in pints or during a meal but with an original dimension, sometimes even surprising.

      In my opinion, their best result is with white lime basil, a delicious white beer that leaves no one indifferent and that is not easily forgotten.

      Their recipes have been awarded several times at competitions such as the Festival International de Lyon where they won 5 gold medals for 7 beers presented.

      With this deserved reputation, the doors of some supermarkets have opened and this allows Azimut to fulfill its noble mission "to produce beers accessible to all without compromising on quality".

      It is frankly a nice snub to Vincent's early years in France, who at the time thought very nostalgically of his Quebec hoppy beers while he drank industrial French lager.

      Today, Azimut is located in the Bacalan district and produces 3000 hl per year, including some nuggets such as a beer with lemon meringue pie or a porter beer with hazelnuts and clementines.

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