Brewery Arogante

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      1 product

      Beer L'Arogante 7.2% Arogante | IPA
      Belgique Blonde Bouteille Flandre Occidentale

      Typical sweet bitterness with a fruity dimension.

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      Brewery Arogante

      L'arogante is a very Belgian brewing project. They are two well-known protagonists in the world of beer, who came together to create a beer that would unite the north and the south of the country. The choice of name is also a reference to Dutch and French (arrogant in French and 'arogant' in Dutch). There is, suddenly, not really a spelling mistake in their name, the mistake being intentional.

      The project will never have its own brewery because they wouldn't know in which region to open it. That's why they chose 'de proefbrouwerij' to make their beers.

      They combined diverse and varied knowledge that they acquired as they traveled to visit breweries (United States, Germany, Czechia, Canada, England, etc.)

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