Brewery Achel

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      Beer Achel Blond Extra 8% Achel | Blonde
      Belgique Bouteille Limbourg

      Fresh hops are added during brewing and hop leaves during fermentation which gives it a flowery and unique taste.

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      Brewery Achel

      It was in 1846 that monks from Westmalle Abbey erected Saint-Benoît Abbey in Achel. They bring with them the know-how of beer and cheese production.

      This Cistercian obedience is close to nature and agriculture, they grew their barley and their hops, and they raised cows to obtain the milk needed to make their cheese.

      After the Second World War, the abbey suffered great damage following the bombardments. Then begins a restoration initiative, which the monks will finally call the construction of the new abbey, so much everything had to be redone.

      Today the Saint-Benoît abbey is recognized as a monument protected by the Flemish region and still plays a major role in helping society in the surroundings of the abbey.

      A social farm has just taken over the agricultural activity of the abbey, the monks still occupy the premises. This farm, called 'farm of hope' welcomes people in difficulty to help them get back on the right track. To do this, residents withdraw for a year from society but also from multimedia, alcohol or tobacco.

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