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29 products

Beer Soleil 4.5% Ermitage | Blanche
Belgique Bouteille Bruxelles

The Soleil is a very hoppy white beer, it looks a lot like a white IPA. This is one of the finest successes of the brewery.

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Beer Marie Blanche De Lessive 5% Lesse | Blanche
Belgique Bouteille Namur
A light and refreshing white beer with citrus notes. A real witbier in the most traditional Flemish style.
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Beer Blanche De Namur 4.5% Bocq | Blanche
Belgique Bouteille Namur

Blanche de Namur is a Belgian witbier that is the most famous beer of the Bocq brewery. The beer is known internationally due to winning many awards. It is undoubtedly one of the best white beers. Blanche de Namur is a low fermentation beer with an alcohol content of 4.5%. The beer is very thirst-quenching. 

It is truly a one of a kind beer. The brewery behind the beer has already over 160 years of tradition and brewing quality beers. 

On the eyes, you notice a blonde, slightly hazy colour. The head is white, thick and creamy. The cloudiness appears when the beer is cold but fades away when getting warmer. 

On the nose, you can notice aromas of banana, fruity hop notes, lemon sorbet and wheat. If you pay attention, you can also get notes of coriander and orange. 

In the mouth, you notice the beer gives away freshness and sweetness with a slight spiciness. It is very smooth, but you’ll also note a powdery consistency on the tongue. The Blanche de Namur is refreshing and sour. This craft beer has medium sweetness and low bitterness.

Though rather light, this beer is also very popular during fall and Christmas. 

History and origin of the beer name Blanche de Namur

Blanche de Namur was a beautiful woman that actually existed. She was the daughter of Count Jean de Namur. The story goes that the King of Sweden and Norway fell in love with the princess as her beauty was mesmerising. The king was on his way to France to find a suitable queen for him. Princess Blanche de Namur followed the king to Scandinavia in 1335, but never became the queen nor returned to her homeland. 

The beer's name is dedicated to the memory and beauty of this sweet princess. 

Want to know more about the Blanche de Namur beer? Let us answer the most frequently asked questions:

  • Where is Blanche de Namur beer brewed?

The Bocq brewery is located in Prunode in Belgium. It belongs to the commune of Yvoir in the province of Namur. Fun fact, the brewery is located on a street called the brewery street. 

  • What are the ingredients of Blanche de Namur beer?

The Blanche de Namur beer contains wheat and barley malt. 

  • What are the variants of Blanche de Namur?

Though Blanche de Namur is the star beer of the brewery, there are a few variants of this beer. The other variants of the beer are Rosée, Apple, and Hop'N Spice. In the Rosée variant, raspberry juice has been added, and the alcohol level is lower. The variants are good as well, but let’s be honest, nothing can beat Blanche de Namur. 

  • What kind of food can you accompany Blanche de Namur beer with?

The Blanche de Namur beer goes well with meat and fish dishes. You can also pair it with olives, fruit salads and even shellfish. 

  • How to serve Blanche de Namur beer?

The best serving temperature is 5 degrees celsius. Though for tasting, between 2 ° and 4 °C works fine. The most important thing is to serve it cool, not cold, to fully enjoy the beer flavours. Blanche de Namur also has its own beer glass. It is a straight glass, which is perfect for light beers and allows a better grip. 

  • What awards has Blanche de Namur won?

Blanche de Namur beer made its name famous worldwide due to the many awards it has won. For several years straight, Blanche de Namur won the silver medal in the Belgian Style Witbier at Australian International Beer Awards. At the same award show, the beer also won the bronze medal in the Other Wheat Beer category. The World Beer Awards named it the best white beer in the world in 2009 and Europe’s Best Belgian Style Witbier in 2012. The year 2012 was a very good year for Blanche de Namur as it also won the best white beer award at the Best Belgian Beer of Wallonia and got a bronze medal in the witbier category in Brussels Beer Challenge. 

  • What are other similar beers to Blanche de Namur?

Blanche de Namur beer is a classic and unique beer. Nevertheless, you can look at other beers in the white beer category, and you’ll find some good choices. 

  • Is Blanche de Namur beer gluten free?

No. If you are looking for a gluten-free beer, see the collection of brewery 28. They have many gluten-free beers available.

  • What are the other beers by Bocq brewery?

Besides the famous Blanche de Namur, Bocq brewery made other delicious brews like the Deugniet and Saison 1858.  


blanche de namur

Photo par brasserie Bocq.



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Clementine Beer 5.3% Atrium | Blanche
Belgique Bouteille Luxembourg

Cloudy light yellow color with spicy, floral and clementine notes. Very sparkling, a pleasant velvety sensation in the mouth. Must always be served with the lees! A white beer with real clementine zest.

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Beer Ramborinage 7% Borinage | Blanche
Belgique Bouteille Hainaut
Double white. Real white beer, stronger than average, with spicy notes (coriander and orange peel), a smooth result.
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Beer La Saint Boniface 5.2% Bieres de Quartier | Blanche
Belgique Bouteille Bruxelles
Saint-Boniface is a Belgian beer with an African atmosphere with flavors of hibiscus and afrodisiacum paradijszaadjes.
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Beer Space Cadet 5% Verzet | Blanche
Belgique Bouteille Flandre Orientale
The beer starts out as a classic wheat beer with love and smokiness. The hop aroma quickly takes over the taste, dominated by tangerine and apricot. The strong but balanced aftertaste underlines the freshness of this beer. In the mouth, the sensation is soft and creamy. Hop aroma.
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Beer Silly Blanche 5% Silly | Blanche
Belgique Bouteille Hainaut
White top-fermented beer. Its flavor is very fresh in which coriander effectively plays its thirst-quenching role. The tasting continues with a great thrill due to the dried orange peel.
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Beer Grande Belleza 5% Surréaliste | Blanche
Belgique Bouteille Bruxelles Surrealiste

La Surréalise is a white wheat beer with seasonal yeast.

Product with expired "best before" date.

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Beer Gruut Wit 5% Gruut | Blanche
Belgique Bouteille Flandre Occidentale
Gruut White beer is very aromatic, with a fruity smell and a slightly grassy edge. The body is light, but soft. Thanks to the spices, the flavors are "round", very fine and complex. The first impression is a spicy dryness, but there is also a slight creamy sweetness underlying it.
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Hoegaarden 4.9% 24x25cl Hoegaarden | Blanche
Belgique Bouteille Léger en Alcool supermarket

La bière belge Hoegaarden est une blanche brassée par la brasserie du même nom, située dans la région flamande. Son origine remonte à 1445, bien que la versioin actuelle date du 20ième siècle. La brasserie propose également des bières telles que la Grand Cru et la Julius. La Hoegaarden est une bière légère avec un taux d'alcool de 4.9%. Aujourd'hui, la Hoegaarden appartient au groupe brassicole mondial AB Inbev et son fondateur a émigré aux Etats-Unis.

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Beer Blanche 4.8% Bellevaux | Blanche
Belgique Bouteille Liège
A safe and refreshing white beer. La Blanche is slightly cloudy and the ideal thirst quencher. Sparkling with a fresh and fruity note, it offers a very pleasant sour taste.
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Troublette Beer 5.6% Caracole | Blanche
Belgique Bio Bouteille Namur

Slightly lemony, it is cloudy as its name suggests.

Attention this product has a date of preference to consume before which is exceeded.

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Beer Hoppy Madame 4% Stoemelings | Blanche
Belgique Bouteille Bruxelles
A very light, extra-hoppy dry white wine.
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Beer lanche Watou 4.8% Leroy | Blanche
Belgique Bouteille Flandre Orientale

Attack with aromas of coriander, followed by flavors of fresh citrus and sweet orange with a delicate touch of wheat.

This is followed by spicy notes, fresh herbs and fresh hops with a slightly sour body.

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Vedett Extra White 4.7% 24x33cl Duvel | Blanche
Anvers Belgique Bouteille supermarket

La Vedett Extra White est la bière des terrasses ensoleillées par excellence. Sa robe blond pâle opaque est typique des bières blanches de blé.

La Vedett Extra White offre également la touche habituelle de coriande et d'agrumes des bières blanches belges.
Une petite finale mielleuse vient offrir une dernière sensation en bouche qui vous donne envie d'en boire encore et encore.

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Beer Blanchette De Gaume 5% Millevertus | Blanche
Belgique Bouteille Luxembourg
A refreshing beer for everyone with a light lemony flavor. It is composed of 3 malts, 3 hops, 30% wheat and a cocktail of fine spices. Slightly dark pastel blond color with an airy white head. It releases tasty scents of lemon and tangerine. The mouth reveals a lemony and sweet flavor.
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Beer Super 8 Blanche 5.1% Haacht | Blanche
Belgique Bouteille Brabant Flamand supermarket
Super 8 White has a creamy foam collar and a fresh aftertaste. But in between, she’ll surprise you with her good dose of freshly ground coriander and orange peel. A spicy flavor for lovers of full-bodied white.
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Steenbrugge Blanche 5% 24x25cl Palm | Blanche
Belgique Bouteille Moyen en Alcool

La bière belge Steenbrugge Blanche de la brasserie Palm est une bière blanche comme son nom l'indique.. La brasserie, située en Flandre, est connue pour ses bières traditionnelles telles que Rodenbach et Brugge Tripel. Découvrez également la Palm et la Cornet.

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Blanche de Bruxelles Rosé 4.5% 12x33cl Lefèbvre | Blanche
Belgique Bouteille Lefebvre Léger en Alcool

La bière belge Blanche de Bruxelles Rosé de la brasserie Lefebvre est une blanche légère et rafraîchissante arômatisée aux fruits rouges. La brasserie, située en Belgique, est connue pour ses bières telles que la Barbar, la Hopus et la Floreffe. La Blanche de Bruxelles Rosé a un taux d'alcool de 4.5%. C'est une version améliorée de la Blanche de Bruxelles qui est un classique.

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Mongozo Buckwheat White 4.8% 24x33cl Huyghe | Blanche
Belgique Bouteille Léger en Alcool

La bière belge Mongozo Buckwheat White de la brasserie Huyghe est une blanche légère à base de sarrasin avec un taux d'alcool de 4.8%. Huyghe, située en Flandre, est connue pour ses bières Delirium Tremens et La Guillotine.

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Blanche De Neige 4.8% 24x33cl Huyghe | Blanche
Belgique Bouteille Léger en Alcool

La bière belge Blanche De Neige de la brasserie Huyghe est une blanche peu connue. La brasserie Huyghe, située à Melle en Belgique, est connue pour ses bières telles que la Delirium Tremens et la La Guillotine. Certains l'appelle même la brasserie Delirium.

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Hoegaarden Grand Cru 8.5% 24x33cl Hoegaarden | Blanche
Belgique Bouteille Très fort en Alcool

La bière belge Hoegaarden Grand Cru, brassée par Hoegaarden, est une blanche de 8.5%. La brasserie, située en Belgique, est connue pour ses bières emblématiques telles que la Hoegaarden Blanche et la Hoegaarden Rosée. La Grand Cru est une version non-filtrée, plus travaillée et beaucoup plus goûtue que la Hoegaarden classique.

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Blanche de Brugge 5% 24x25cl Halve Maan | Blanche
Belgique Bouteille Moyen en Alcool

La bière belge Blanche de Brugge de la brasserie Halve Maan est une blanche légère et rafraîchissante. La brasserie, située à Bruges, est l'une des plus anciennes de Belgique. Parmi les bières les plus connues de la brasserie, on retrouve la Brugse Zot et la Straffe Hendrik. Il est habituel d'avoir une blanche du nom de chaque grande ville belge: Blanche de Bruxelles, Blanche de Namur,..

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Chouffe Blanche 6.5% 24x33cl Chouffe | Blanche
Belgique Bouteille Moyen en Alcool

La bière belge Chouffe Blanche de la brasserie Chouffe est une blanche de 6.5%. La brasserie, située dans les Ardennes belges, est connue pour ses bières telles que la Chouffe Houblon et la Chouffe Soleil. Toutes ces Chouffes sont des variantes de la Chouffe Blonde qui a propulsé la brasserie de la ville d'Achouffe sur le devant de la scène.

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Beer Blanche De Thines 4.8% Belgo Sapiens | Blanche
Belgique Bouteille Brabant Wallon
White beer with curaçao and coriander. It has citrus aromas coming from hops and ginger. Refreshing and thirst-quenching.
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Beer Lupulus Blanche 4.5% Lupulus | Blanche
Belgique Bouteille Luxembourg
This wheat ale is yellow in color with a large white head. The aromas are malty thanks to wheat, hopped with the fruitiness of citrus fruits. There are also notes of yeast, grass, flowers, coriander and orange peel. The taste is slightly sweet, hoppy, fruity with a refreshing, bitter finish.
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Beer Viven Champagner Weisse 4.8% Viven | Blanche
Belgique Bouteille Flandre Orientale
Intended to be a party beer, this refreshing beer is made with champagne yeast to give it a very fine sheen.
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Beer Vi Wheat 6% Jandrain-Jandrenouille | Blanche
Belgique Bouteille Brabant Wallon

Wheat and barley beer.

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White beer

White beer was born in Germany. There is no longer any doubt in this.

Over time, two major families were distinguished; the ‘weissen’ and the ‘Witbier’. They are respectively German and Belgian and have quite substantial differences.

The 'weissen' are the oldest because they date back at least to the period of Clovis. At that time, the production of beer in Germany was legislated in a text which required brewers to use only ingredients from the region itself (the circuit run ahead of time) and determined which ingredients could be used (water, malt, hops and yeasts). There is therefore no addition of spices or other additives. This law is still applicable with regard to the 'weissen' and its sub-styles (dunkel, hefe, etc.).

Regarding the 'witbier', writings have been found which mention the production of wheat beers in the Louvain region towards the end of the 14th century. We also know that the use of coriander, which is specific to this style, was already applied in the 18th century by the monks of Hoegaarden.

The use of coriander is one of the hallmarks of modern 'witbier', and it is present in almost all white beers brewed in Belgium.

But it was in 1966 that the style was really revived with Pierre Celis who recreated the Hoegaarden as we know it today. Pierre's success was immediate, he sold the label to Interbrew (current ABInbev) to go to the United States where he continued to brew his recipe which he refused to reveal to the industrial group.

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