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      Honey beer

      Honey beers are divided into two families.

      The first family where honey is added to beers as an aromatic element, and the second family where honey is used as a fermentation sugar.

      The beer brewed is usually a lager, triple or ale.

      The best-known honey beer in Belgium is the 'honey beer' from the Dupont brewery.

      We now know that honey added at the start of boiling brings out the sweet side of honey, while at the end of boiling it is the aromas that will come out more.

      The most famous brewery for using honey as a fermentation sugar is Kerkom in the Sint-Truiden region. Their entire line of craft beer is made this way, making them rounder and smoother.

      In most cases, when we talk about honey beer, we are talking about beers that offer honey flavour.

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