Buying a kegerator - Everything you need to know

Should you buy a kegerator? That is a good question. You have been dreaming of a magic spot in your house where you can get fresh beer from the tap whenever you want. It does sound magical. But before you make the purchase, there are a few things to consider. To help you, we’ve put together a little list of things you need to know about kegerators before buying one. 


Here is what we will discuss:


  1. What are kegerators?
  2. How do kegerators work?
  3. Reasons to buy a kegerator
  4. The space you need for a kegerator
  5. Maintenance of a kegerator


What is a kegerator


Kegerators are draft beer systems. By definition, it is a refrigerator with a tap that connects to a keg inside. You may have seen a full beer keg at a party, but it can be a bit clunky. Kegerators, on the other hand, are a great way to store beer at a perfect temperature and dispense beer without any trouble. Kegerators come in different sizes for different needs. 

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How do kegerators work?

Kegerators come with a carbon dioxide cylinder, CO regulator, a keg, faucet, refrigerator, tubing and a coupler. By applying carbon dioxide pressure on the keg, the kegerator pushes the beer out. The cylinder regulates the pressure so that it would stay even. The carbon dioxide regulator allows you to change the pressure when necessary. The keg, where beer is stored, is usually inside the refrigerator to keep the beer at a good temperature. Finally, the beer comes through a faucet to your cup. 


Reasons to buy a kegerator


If you are considering buying a kegerator, here are some of the benefits it brings. 

  • Save money

Although first, you do need to invest to get your own kegerator. In the long run, it pays off. When you visit beer bars and buy beer on tap, you will pay much more than from your keg. And, if you are a homebrewer, you will save even more money. 

  • It is convenient

What is more convenient than having a beer at home whenever you want, and as much as you want. Plus, it stays fresh. A stainless steel keg can keep your beer good for a long period. 

  • Create the coolest bar in your home

You can become the most popular person among your friends when you have your bar with a beer keg at home. Wouldn’t it be great to always have cold and refreshing beer to offer your friends when they come over? They would be jealous!

  • You can use it for other drinks besides beer

When you buy a kegerator, you do not only need to use it for beer. Although beer is our favourite beverage, it is fun to mix it up a little, and you can serve soda, kombucha, ciders, sparkling water, and a cold brew coffee. 

  • Save room in the fridge

Kegerator acts like a designated storage spot for beers. You can save some space in your fridge without filling it up with all the beer bottles and cans. 

The space you need for a kegerator

Before you buy a kegerator, bear in mind that you will need to find space for it. Kegerators can come in different sizes, and some can fit multiple kegs in them, which means they are also bigger. So you need to think about how much available space you have and how big of a kegerator you can fit. 

Even if you have space in your garage or basement, think if you want to constantly go back and forth to grab the beer while everyone else is hanging out in the living room.

There are also outdoor kegerators if you have a terrace and think that would go perfectly next to your barbecue. 

Before your purchase, consider all the varieties of kegerators to see which one fits best at your home. 


The maintenance of a kegerator


Although it can make your life easier and is a lot of fun, a kegerator does need care. 

We can start with the obvious. It can get dirty from the outside. Luckily, the outer part can be washed with any basic home or kitchen cleaning appliances. 

The next important step is to always choose the right pressure. Proper dispensing and pressure management will keep your kegerator happy. Do not forget to store the CO tank upright. Storing it differently can damage your kegerator. Different styles of beers need to be dispensed at different pressure. Once you know if you’ll put a blonde beer or a stout beer in the keg, find the correct pressure number. When you put too much or too little pressure, you’ll notice an excess of foam. In case that happens, you need to adjust the pressure. 

Lastly, you must clean the kegerator from the inside regularly. If you don’t, your beer might end up tasting bad. There are kegerator cleaning kits to help you out. Be ready to disassemble your kegerator, clean each part well, and then reassemble it. You are ready to drink again!

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So, should you buy a kegerator? Indeed, you can create an epic bar right inside your house, but that bar will also need maintenance. In the end, it depends on your lifestyle. Ask yourself if you have space for a kegerator and how often you drink beer at home. If not often enough, you can rely on beer delivery and enjoy some good craft beer bars instead. 

Let us know about your final decision!

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