Best craft beers for the summer

It is getting hot outside, and you need something refreshing to drink. Some craft beer styles work better for cold winter days that make you feel warm. Others are good for cooling you off and satisfying your thirst when the sun in the sky is getting brighter and brighter. 

Now that the summer holidays are starting, we can recommend some craft beers perfect for this sunny weather. Generally, you should look at the alcohol level. Alcohol is dehydrating, and that’s the opposite you want on a warm summer day. Thus, beers low in alcohol are the best choices.


Here are some of the best beer styles and beers for the summer: 





Pilsner beers are a classic beer style for hot summer days. Pilsners are thirst-quenching and easy-to-drink beers. The style is generally light and hoppy, a perfect drink to cool you off. 

Try out this pilsner : Zenne Pils



Wheat beers


Wheat beers (witbier) are another classic for a hot summer day. They have light and sunny colours and are very fresh. The beers come with low bitterness and a light body. Very smooth and easy to drink. 


Try this witbier : Blanche de Namur





Saison beers are brewed specially to be refreshing and help you with the heat. These beers were brewed in colder months to be ready for the summer. They are low in alcohol, with a light body and high in carbonation. 

Try this saison : Ardenne Saison



Sour beers


Sour beers are making a comeback and are a funky choice for the summer. Summer also comes with fruits and berries, and sour beers can give you this fruity, acidic kick you need. Sour beers are fruity but not sweet, which is why they work well with the heat. 


Try this sour beer : TWO Melon Sour



Kölsch beer


Kölsch-style beers are often the style left in the background. Do not look past it this summer. It is perfect for the summer as it is light with hoppy notes, cooling and a refreshing finish.

Try this kölsch : Kölsch Style by de la Mule brewery




Gose is another style like Kölsch that has not gotten much attention. Gose-style beers used to be very popular, but with so many emerging new styles, they nearly disappeared from the market. This style is crisp, tart, fruity, refreshing and with a salty finish. Gose beers make you think about the seaside.


Try this gose : Petite Pépité



Session IPA


If you love bitter craft beers, but a regular IPA is too strong, then Session IPA is the choice for you. Session IPAs are lighter in alcohol level but still have their hoppy and bitter flavours. It is also a great beer to bring along to the beach or your summer barbecue. 


Try this session IPA : Portal by Atrium




Non-alcoholic craft beers



Last but not least, an alcohol-free beer. Non-alcoholic beer is perfect for the summer months, especially when it gets really hot and you want to drink several cooling drinks. An alcohol-free beer will keep you refreshed and allows you to drink as much as you want without getting drunk. On these hot days, you may not want to wait for after-work hours and already have a refreshing beer during lunch. That’s why an alcohol-free beer is a perfect choice for the summer!


Try this alcohol free beer : Pico Bello



bieres artisanales pour l'ete


So there you go, some of the best beers and beer styles to enjoy during the summer. Which one will you choose?


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