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Have you heard of the World Beer Awards? If not, then take a look to fill your beer bucket list. The World Beer Awards make a selection of the best beers around the world every year. Beers can win in different categories by beer style or even by beer label design. For every beer enthusiast, it is interesting to see what type of beers come out every year from various countries. 

You can discover many new surprising and unique brews. And, of course, you can root for your country. We are crossing our fingers that a Belgian beer wins as the world’s best beer. 

meilleur biere du monde

But who were the winners of the last World Beer Awards? Here is an overview of the global award show: 


  • World’s best flavoured beer



Crossing our fingers worked! A Belgian beer won in the category of best flavoured beer. Val-Dieu brewery came up with L'Excellence Du Val-Dieu. It is a complex beer where you can sense oak, sweet fig, vanilla, treacle and molasses.


  • World’s best dark beer



The winner of the best dark beer was a Belgian style quadruple ale called Qualified by Taxman Brewing company. The beer born in the United States has sweet, smoky, and sherry aromas. The taste is sweet with some spicy notes. The Qualified has a bitter finish.  

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  • World’s best IPA



Another win for the United States. Whalers Brewing Company created the Wanderer IPA. This IPA has a hazy caramel colour with strong aromas of mango and citrus. You will notice tones of tangerine, but the finish is surprisingly not bitter. 

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  • World’s best lager



Karlsberg  from Germany grabbed this award for their beer called Kellerbier. It is a golden yellow lager with herbal aromas. The beer is very smooth to drink but slightly acidic. 

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  • World’s best non alcoholic beer


A milk stout from the United Kingdom stole this award. The Galactic Milk Stout is made by Big Drop Brewery. You can smell some coffee aromas and roasted malts. On the palate, there is dark chocolate, roasted malts and smoky tobacco. What a unique combination!

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  • World’s best pale beer


The French also managed to grab the best beer in the world award last year. Anosteke brewery got recognition with their Belgian style pale beer called Blonde. The beer has characteristics of tropical fruit, white chocolate and dried fruit. A beer with a thick creamy head. 

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  • World’s best sour beer



Though Belgium beer did not win in this category, we still got three honorary mentions for beers from Boon, Lindemans and Grand Cru brewery. The winning beer comes from Canada, 10-4-20 by Indie Alehouse brewery. It has a complex aroma with rhubarb, horse blanket and peppery notes. You can also taste some rhubarb, lemon, raspberry and leather. 

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  • World’s best speciality beer


We did it again! Liefmans brewery brought the medal home with their Kriek-Brut Xtra beer. It is a beautiful red coloured beer with a pink head. The taste is like a sweet fruity beer with aromas of cherries, almonds and yeast. 

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  • World’s best stout & porter


A nice surprise from a Serbian brewery called Salto. Their oatmeal stout is a complex beer with light aromas. The stout has just a 5.5% ABV, which makes it easy to drink. You can notice some very sweet elements in the beer. 

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  • World’s best wheat beer


Belgian beer has kept its good reputation and also won in the last category. The world’s best wheat beer award goes to the Brugs Tarwebier by Halve Maan brewery. The nose can smell some cloves, lemon and orange. With a 5% alcohol level, it is easy to drink beer. 

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The World Beer Awards also give recognitions for beer designs. For instance, they select the best bottle, can and label design. Also, the award show gives recognition to the best bottle and can range. Lastly, awards are given for best redesign and multipack design.  

You can see the full list of winners on the World Beer Awards website

The World Beer Awards are now accepting entries for 2022. The next winners will be announced in August 2022. Who will be the winners? Luckily, we can drink beer while we wait. 


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