Advent Calendar 11/24 - Simplex Beer

Simplex is one of my favorite beers in the unknown category.
It is blond, light in alcohol, unfiltered, unpasteurized, with good bitterness and well hopped.
In short, a refreshing beer well made with lots of taste.

It is not surprising to read on the label that it is brewed by the De Ranke brewery.
The Hennuyère brewery De Ranke was founded in the 1990s and immediately became a pioneer in bitter beers.
The name De Ranke is also the word branch in Dutch, the hop branch of course.
Why in Dutch? Initially, our two friends brewed their first beer, Guldenberg, in the Flemish Deca brewery in reference to the Guldenberg Abbey in Welvegem.

The story of Nino and Guido is that of many brewers:
- a enthusiast who brews alone at home
- he is joined by a friend
- they brew together in the facilities of another brewery
- once the funds were raised, they opened their own brewery
- they in turn rent their facilities to other apprentice brewers in order to make maximum use of the available capacity
- today the Tartaruga & NovaBirra breweries brew their own beers at De Ranke

Simplex is also a reference to the brewery's second best-known beer, XX Bitter.
When it was released, XX (for short) was the bitterest beer in the country.
Simplex has a simple X because its bitterness is less and it is simpler and more balanced.

Health in the company of the 2 founders of the brewery


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