Advent Calendar 9/24 - Viven Master IPA Beer

Viven Master IPA doesn't look much like an IPA because its bitterness is relatively low. Is it because it was created in honor of Tony's grandfather and the elders are less fond of today's bitterness?

In any case, it is brewed with a little-known German hop, Merkur, which comes from Germany like the grandfather's wife, whom everyone called the Master.

Viven is well known to craft beer lovers with original beers such as Viven Smoked Porter or Viven Champagner Weisse.

The Viven Blond and Viven Bruin beers have been around for 25 years before Tony acquired the brewery in 2005 when he was already managing a drank service, these large drinks stores located outside the cities.

In 2015, the brewery took off again with the arrival of Krystle. It is she who now handles the oven and who creates the new recipes. The Viven brewery has a small brewing unit in order to test and perfect new recipes. The beers in the permanent range are brewed in large quantities at De Proef, one of the two large custom breweries in the country alongside Anders.

If you like to think outside the box, I highly recommend trying the Viven Smoked Porter.

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