The strongest beers in the world

The top 10 strongest beers in the world

You picked up a stout beer in a bar with a 12% alcohol level. This is already a pretty strong beer, and you will feel it after finishing it. Now that you are already tipsy, you started to think about how strong can beers even get, and what are the strongest beers in the world? Let us answer your question!


Les bières les plus fortes du monde

Some of these strongest beers in the world exceed 60% of alcohol levels. Yes, you read that right. But why such strong beers in the first place? Let's be honest, not many of these breweries focused on taste or quality when brewing these beers. Some of them wanted to break the world's strongest beer record, some breweries wanted a new challenge, and a few indeed did it for the beer flavour. If you are a proper beer geek, you should try any of these at least once. But let's not waste any more time and see which ones are the strongest beers in the world. 

Here are some of the strongest beers in the world.

Ten of the strongest beers in the world are:

  1. Snake Venom
  2. Armageddon
  3. Start the Future
  4. Strength in Numbers
  5. Schorschbock 57
  6. PT's Punch
  7. Espirit de Noel
  8. Struise Black Damnation VI – Messy
  9. Tactical Nuclear Penguin
  10. Utopias 2017

Read on to find out how these beers taste like, which brewery made them and more.

  • Beer Snake Venom

Snake Venom is the winner of the title of the strongest beer in the world. The beer comes with a warning because the alcohol level is 67.5%. Yes, you read that right. The beer was born in Aberdeenshire in Scotland. The brewmaster wanted to brew unusual beers, so in 2013 he came up with the Snake Venom. The beer is made with smoked peat malt, two yeasts, beer and champagne. Despite the high alcohol level, you can still taste hints of malt, hops and caramel. The beer style is between a brown beer and a lager. We recommend sharing the beer when tasting, so you will not fall under the table afterwards.

  • Beer Armageddon

If the Snake Venom is too strong, then try the slightly lighter Armageddon. It is made by the same brewer and even before Snake Venom was born. It has an alcohol level of 65%, and the idea was to have a perfect balance between a beer and a whisky. It is still a very intense experience, and try it with caution. 

  • Beer Start the Future

Now we have lowered our bar to a 60% of alcohol level. This beer was born in a microbrewery in the Netherlands. It used to own the title of the strongest beer in the world. Many people who have tried it have not enjoyed the taste, and this beer was made to try to beat a record more than focus on the beer flavours. 

  • Beer Strength in Numbers

The famous Scottish brewery that currently holds the record, has also made another strong beer in collaboration with a German brewery Schorschbräu. It is a mix of a Belgian Golden Ale that has been aged in whiskey barrels and Eisbock. Eisbock method means freezing the beer and then reblending the brew. 

  • Beer Schorschbock 57 

The Schorschbräu brewery in Germany has also attempted on its own to brew the strongest beer in the world. The Schorschbock 57 has 57% of alcohol, as the name suggests. It has been described as a fire going down your throat. Drink with caution!

  • Beer PT’s Punch

From another side of the world, a Californian brewery called the Rock Bottom Campell has come up with a 56% alcohol level beer. It is a pale ale infused with guava, orange and passion fruit. Compared to the all mentioned above, this one is easier to drink. 

  • Beer Esprit de Noel 

Italy did not want to be left out of the list, so brewery Baladin created a beer with an alcohol level of 40%. The beer has been aged in oak barrels for three years and looks more like a wine than beer. It is a smooth beer with notes of chocolate.  

  • Beer Struise Black Damnation VI – Messy

Belgium, known for quality beers, has also brought a strong one to the table. The Struise Brewery made a 39% imperial stout. While the taste of the other strong beers is debatable, the strong alcohol was used to improve the taste of this stout beer. The result is a great beer with notes of coffee, chocolate and peaty whisky. Though not winning the strongest beer title, it is an impressive balance between the taste and the alcohol level. 

  • Beer Tactical Nuclear Penguin

Tactical Nuclear Penguin was created by a Scottish brewery called BrewDog. The brewery is focused on craft beer and also has opened up a beer bar in Brussels and another bar in Paris. Though they are usually focused on quality craft beer, then they wanted to do an ambitious project and create the world's strongest beer. The beer has an ABV level of 32%. The aim was to put Scotland on the map with craft beers and create a buzz. 

  • Beer Utopias 2017

And the last one on the list is coming to us from the United States. Sam Adams brewery created a beer with an ABV level of 28%. In this case, the taste was also a priority before getting a high alcohol level. The beer has fruity, malty notes and a subtle sweetness. 

Are you ready to try any of these beers?



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