Is alcohol-free beer healthy?

Are you one of those who has a hard time saying no to a good beer? If you do not want to get tipsy or you are driving, a non alcoholic beer is a good solution. You can still say yes to a beer! 

Brewers are creating more and more non alcoholic beers. So when you want to take a break from alcohol, you don’t need to choose some sugary lemonade to compensate. There are plenty of choices of non alcoholic beers, and they come in different styles. For instance, if IPA beers are your favourite, you can now also find a non alcoholic version!

Some evidence suggests that consuming beer in moderation might even have some health benefits. But what about alcohol-free beer? Indeed non alcoholic beer has some surprising benefits. Read on to find out!


The benefits of non alcoholic beers


  • Alcohol-free beer can help you sleep better and reduce stress


Hops are the miracle ingredient in all beers that can not only give great flavour but works as a preservative and has special compounds that work as a sedative. These compounds are xanthohumol and myrcenol. Some experimental studies have shown positive effects on sleep when drinking non-alcoholic beer regularly. 

You know the feeling when you have had a stressful day at work and the best part of the day is opening the fresh bottle of beer when you get home. Alcohol-free beer can give you the same relaxing effect. That is due to the same compound found in hops, but it is much healthier for your body than an alcoholic beer.




biere sans alcool


  • It can help you cut down on drinking


If you want to reduce your alcohol consumption but are having trouble cutting down, alcohol-free beer is perfect for you. Especially if you are surrounded by beer lovers, it might be difficult to say no to a glass of beer. 

Some research has shown that your brain associates beer smells and tastes with alcohol. So you can end up getting the same happy feelings as drinking alcoholic beer and without the hangover in the morning!

If you are struggling with alcohol addiction, alcohol-free beer may still lead you to crave something stronger. In that case, it is better to seek professional help.


  • Alcohol-free beer contains fewer calories



Do you have a beer belly? Then choose a non-alcoholic beer, because it contains fewer calories. Alcohol contains calories, and generally, the stronger the drink, the more calories it has. Even though beers have fewer calories than some other drinks like whisky, drinking them regularly will increase your weight. Just bear in mind that this does not mean that all non-alcoholic beers are low in calories. In the end, it depends on the ingredients and brewing process. 



  • Beer is nutritious

Beer is more nutritious than other alcoholic beverages. Wine may have antioxidants, but so does beer. And compared to wine, beer has more protein and vitamin B. Moreover, beer also contains iron, fibre, phosphates and calcium. If you drink alcohol-free beer, you get all the nutritional benefits minus the negative effects of alcohol. One of the non-alcoholic beers in our collection, Energibajer, contains even B12! 


  • You will not get drunk



If you love beer but do not want to be drunk or experience a nasty hangover the next day, you can swap your lager or stout for an alcohol-free beer. Even though alcohol-free beers contain some level of alcohol, it is so low that you will never get drunk. Especially if you compare it to some strong Belgian beers. For example, triple beers can have over 8% of alcohol. 



biere sans alcool


  • Non-alcoholic beer can improve your cardiovascular health



Some researchers have found that Polyphenol Chalcone present in hops can be beneficial to cardiovascular health. It helps to reduce blood pressure and inflammation. So let’s raise our glasses! 



  • You can still support your local craft beer and micro breweries



More breweries have started to experiment with non-alcoholic beers. You don’t need to break up with your local brewery if you want to take a break from beer. There are great choices by various breweries, big or small. 



  • Beer tastes too good!



When choosing a non-alcoholic beer, you can still enjoy the delicious beer flavour. You do not need to give up anything. Plus, they come in different beer styles, so you can still get your favourite flavour. In the past, non-alcoholic beers were not popular because they tasted bad. Luckily the time has been kind, and now you can find some alcohol-free beers that you may like even more than your regular beer. 



Non-alcoholic beer and pregnancy



It is a long wait for expecting women before they can have a celebratory drink again. Thus, a non-alcoholic beer seems like a good choice. Nevertheless, be aware that to make a beer, a fermentation process must be present. During this process, alcohol is created, which means any real beer has some alcohol. In Belgium, any beer with a lower alcohol level than 0.5% can market itself as non-alcoholic. Thus, you might notice that non-alcoholic beers still have a slight degree. You must question any non-alcoholic beer that says they have 0% alcohol. Then it is either not a beer, or it is a lie! 


bieres sans alcool




In the end, we can see that a non-alcoholic beer has many benefits. So you may consider swapping a regular beer with a non-alcoholic beer once in a while. And trust us, we have tried many, and they are delicious!


Thirsty for a non-alcoholic beer? Then see our alcohol-free beer selection! You can buy your non-alcoholic beer online by adding your favourites to the cart. 


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