The strongest beers in Belgium

The strongest beers in Belgium

Belgium has brewed countless beers in different styles, colours, tastes and alcohol levels. There are so many beers that you can get lost in them, so it is good to categorise them to find the ones you like best. In this article, we discuss some of the strongest Belgian beers. Watch out, you'll need to sip these carefully!

The title of the strongest Belgian beer goes to Struise Black Damnation VI – Messy by the Struise brewery. Though not holding the record of the strongest beer in the world, it has earned its spot on the list. This stout has an ABV level of 39%. And, yes, there are even stronger beers out there! The taste has a great balance between chocolate, coffee and whiskey. It is worth a try, but be careful when you drink it. It is a good idea to get this beer for sharing. 

If you are looking for something that does not knock you out right away but is still strong, there are plenty to choose from. You can find some of the best Belgian beers on the list, with great taste and strength. The strongest beers are mostly stout style, but you can also find some quadruples, brown ales and even a lager. 


Here are the top 18 strongest beers in Belgium:


  1. Cassadura 15%
  2. Antwerp 14%.
  3. Dark Nun 12,5%
  4. Hive Mind 12,1%
  5. Gulden Draak Imperial Stout 12%
  6. 28 Imperial Stout 12%
  7. Shady Priest 11,5%
  8. Onyx et Onyx Amburama 11%.
  9. Black Treats 11%
  10. Val-Dieu Grand Cru 10,5%
  11. Sky Bubble 10,5%
  12. Paix Dieu 10%
  13. L'Empire 10%
  14. ABT 12 10%
  15. Baby Jésus 10%

Continue reading to learn more about the flavours, aromas and the breweries behind these beers. 

  • Beer Cassadura 15%

Let’s start with the strongest one on the list, the Cassadura by Atrium brewery. It is a thick creamy stout. With a nice brown head, the beer has a complex taste. Two sugars have been used in the beer. Refined beet sugar from Belgium and cane sugar from Brazil. A good reflection of the Brazilian Belgian couple behind the brewery. 

  • Beer Antwerp 14%

Antwerp is a Russian Imperial Stout by Galea brewery. It has been aged in Brandy Vanilla, Jamaican Rum and Buffalo Trace Bourbon casks. The beer has a very complex flavour due to the use of cocoa, coffee, and vanilla beans. You can also find cinnamon.

biere la plus forte belge
  • Beer Dark Nun 12,5%

Galea brewery brings us another beer strong in alcohol, the Dark Nun. Compared to the sweeter ones above, this one is different. Dark Nun is a bitter stout with some sweet notes of coconut and chocolate. 

  • Beer Hive Mind 12,1

Brussels Beer Project made the Hive Mind beer in collaboration with Jackie O’s brewery in the United States. It is another imperial stout with honey and walnuts. A beautiful black beer with a dark head. 

biere la plus forte belgique

  • Beer Gulden Draak Imperial Stout 12 %.

Who said you can’t have beer for dessert? The Gulden Draak Imperial Stout by brewery Van Steenberge is perfect for that. It is a good balance between sweetness and bitterness. Various roasted and toasted malts have been used to brew this beer. 

  • Beer 28 Imperial Stout 12%

We are continuing in the Imperial Stout lines, but this beer comes from brewery 28. Compared to other stouts on the list, this one is slightly spicy, smoky, and with a light touch of coffee.

  • Beer Shady Priest 11,5%

It seems like Galea brewery likes strong beers because they made another one called the Shady Priest. It is a unique imperial stout with flavours of bacon, salty, caramel, and maple syrup. These ingredients also create a natural aroma mix of bacon and syrup. 

  • Beers Onyx et Onyx Amburama 11 %.

Atrium did two stout beers called Onyx and Onyx Amburama. The Onyx came first with a mix of flavours due to the use of 15 different grains. The Amburana is more aromatic and spicy. Amburana was aged in barrels with vanilla beans and orange zest. 

  • Beer Black Treats 11%

Galea also gives us stout Black Treats. This brew was a collaboration with Brouwerij De Man. This stout is for all the sweet tooths out there, as the sweet beer has hints of marshmallow and coconut. 

  • Beer Val-Dieu Grand Cru 10,5%

The Val Dieu Grand Cru comes in a beautiful bottle and is a quadruple beer. You can notice tastes of gingerbread, caramel and liquorice. It is an Abbaye brown ale brewed on the premises of an Abbaye. The beer has medium bitterness, coffee tastes and gives you a long delicious aftertaste. 

  • Beer Sky Bubble 10,5%

This beer is for whiskey lovers as aromas of peat escape as soon as you open the cap. Sky Bubble is a brown ale brewed by Saint-Jean brewery.

  • Beer Paix Dieu 10%

Paix Dieu is brewed by Caulier, the brewery that only brews when there’s a full moon. It is a triple beer with fruity and spicy aromas on the nose. We can taste hoppy flavours, coriander, yeast, notes of fruit and spices. 

biere belge la plus forte

  • Beer L'Empire 10%

A surprise lager made it to the list. L’Empire is brewed by Borinage brewery. On the nose, you have notes of yellow fruits and hop. Brewed in low fermentation, it is a tasty apricot colour beer. 

  • Beer ABT 12 10%

It is a quadruple style beer brewed by Sint-Bernardus brewery. On the nose, you have fruity aromas. The beer has a perfect balance between sweetness and bitterness. It is a dark beer with an ivory-coloured head. 

  • Beer Baby Jésus 10%

The Verzet brewery is offering us a fine porter called Baby Jesus. The porter beer has coffee, chocolate and bread crust aromas. You will taste some caramel and dried fruit. 


Have you been brave enough to try any of these beers? If yes, which one did you try?



If these beers that are strong in alcohol got you dizzy by just reading about them, then don’t worry, Belgium also has plenty of good light beers and even non-alcoholic beers. 


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