The top 12 best beer bars in Paris for craft beer

Best craft beer bars in Paris

Planning a night out in Paris, but where to find some good craft beer? Luckily, Paris is home to some of the best French craft beers. Thus, there are plenty of beer bars in Paris you can visit.

Before there were beer bars and beer gained popularity, there were cafes in Paris with a beer licence. In the 13th century, Paris saw the first cafe with permission to sell beer. Before that, people could buy beer from the brewers. Luckily, those days are over, and now we can enjoy a good beer in a proper beer bar. 


Best beer bars in Paris for craft beer


Though there are numerous bars in Paris where you can enjoy craft beer, we have put together a list of some of our favourites and unique places worth visiting. Don’t forget that there are also plenty of craft beer breweries in Paris that you can directly visit to taste their beer. 

Here’s a list of some of the top bars in Paris to enjoy craft beer:


Brussels Beer Project


One of our favourite Belgian craft beer breweries has also opened up a taproom in Paris! We are maybe biased, but we cannot leave the Brussels Beer Project out of this list. If you have tasted their beers, you know why. The Brussels Beer Project has a taproom called Pigalle. And guess where it is located? On Brussels street! The Parisian community have been very happy about this. The Pigalle has even been elected as the best beer bar in Paris by TimeOut.

bar a biere Paris

Brussels Beer Project Pigalle


One of our favourite Parisian breweries, BAPBAP, also has a bar next to their microbrewery. You can drink 8 of their beers on tap and get the rest in bottles. And if you do love their beer, you should get the growler bottle. It is a glass bottle of 1.89 L made to be reused and refilled with beer!

Hoppy Corner

The name fits perfectly with this craft beer bar. The bar is particularly focused on hoppy beers. So if that is your favourite style, then this is the beer bar for you! You can find french craft beers from breweries like La Dilettante, Bendorf and Piggy Brewing, but also some international craft beers. 

La Moustache Blanche

If you are looking for a large selection of beers, visit La Moustache Blanche. They have more than 500 international beers to offer you. You can find Belgian beers from Cantillon or La Senne brewery and good french craft beers from Bendorf brewery, among many others. 

Brewdog Le Marais

This Scottish brewery has not only opened up a beer bar in Brussels but also one in Paris. As usual to their line, they present their craft beers together with selected local beers from small breweries. They have five of their draught beers and five draught beers from guest breweries. And, of course, plenty of beer in bottles and cans.  What is more, BrewDog brewery took up the challenge and created one of the strongest beers in the world. Maybe you'll find it there!

Bière et Malt

Bière et Malt is a tiny beer bar with a great selection of craft beers. Among french craft beers, you can also find the famous Orval beer, Boon Gueuze and Duvel beer on the list. The beer is accompanied by good cheese and charcuterie. 

Le Mozaic

There are not many women in the beer industry. Thus the beer bar Le Mozaic is worth mentioning. The bar was opened up by three craft beer-loving women. You can try four beers on tap and more than a hundred well-selected bottles of beer. In the collection, you can find beers from Sainte Cru, Popihn and Piggy Brewing, to name a few. 

La Robe et la Mousse

La Robe et la Mousse has a great selection of beers on the tap. They have 16 different kegs. For example, you can find beers from O’Clock Brewing there. Moreover, the bar has also good biological wine. 

bar a biere

My Little Pub

As the name suggests, My Little Pub is more of a pub than a bar. Nevertheless, it is worth a visit. Among French craft beer, you can find beers from the brewery Du Grand Paris. They will also surprise you with a selection of beers from breweries in the United States. These beers are hard to find in Paris. 

Le Supercoin

Le Supercoin is perfect for hanging out. Every month, they organise events to celebrate one selected brewery. The brewery then comes and presents their beer. Each month, you can get to know a new brewery. Otherwise, you can drink beers from Craig Allan, O’Clock and the Spore brewery. 

Au Trappiste

If you are thirsty for Belgian Trappist beers while in Paris, visit Au Trapisste. You can find the famous Delirium, Lindemans and Rochefort on their menu. 

La Fine Mousse

La Fine Mousse is not only a good craft beer bar. They also have a restaurant, and the menu is made so that you can perfectly pair the craft beer with the food. In the bar, you can taste over twenty beers on tap, and the restaurant offers a selection of ten draft beers.  


Have you already visited the beer bars in Paris? Tell us about your favourite beer bar!


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