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Beer Jungle Joy 6.6%

Brussels Beer Project | Fruitée
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C'est bientôt la saison des calendriers de l'avent

Jungle Joy is the fusion of mango and passion fruit. A fruity but unsweetened beer that everyone enjoys. It is an exotic beer that is not only fresh but has a tangy touch. The best part is that the beer has no added sugar or artificial flavours. The beer is brewed with real pieces of fruit like mango and passion fruit!

When you pour it into your beer glass, you’ll notice a yellow-orange, slightly murky colour appearing. The beer has a large white head. 

On the nose, you will notice fruity aromas like mango, passion fruit, lemon, apricot, but also malt. 

On the palate, you can taste authentic fruit flavours. The passion fruit and mango flavours are dominant, but you’ll also taste malt and cookies. It has a slight bitterness, is medium-bodied and has mild to moderate carbonation. 

Jungle Joy is a Belgian Dubbel style of beer, but the fruitiness masks the style and pushes it under the fruit beer category. 

Jungle Joy is also one of the All-Star beers of Brussels Beer Project. This means the brewery presents prototypes and the community chooses the best beer. Jungle Joy won in 2016 against 4 other fruity beers. It is now one of the permanent and best beers of the brewery. 

The Jungle Joy beer stands out as it is unlike any other classic fruit beer. The beer has perfectly balanced acidity and just a hint of bitterness. Any beer lover will add it to their list of favourites. 

More about Jungle Joy beer:  

  • Where is Jungle Joy brewed?

The Brussels Beer Project brewery, as its name hints, is located in the capital city of Belgium. The home, where Jungle Joy is brewed, is situated on Dansaert street near the canal of Brussels. 

  • How to serve Jungle Joy beer? 

The best is to serve Jungle Joy in a Teku beer glass. The best pouring temperature is 7 degrees celsius. 

  • What are the ingredients of Jungle Joy beer?

The beer contains barley malt, hops, yeast, water, and extracts of mango and passionfruit.

  • Is Jungle Joy beer gluten-free?

No, it is not gluten-free.

  • What are other beers by Brussels Beer Project brewery? 

Some of the other beers by the brewery are Delta IPA, Wunderlager, Grosse Bertha, Pico Bello and Dark Sister

jungle joy
Photo: Brussels Beer Project

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