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Discovery Beer Box Beercrush | Coffret
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Belgique En stock Idée Cadeau

Let yourself be surprised by our selection of 12 amazing beers.

We select qualitative and little known beers for a unique experience.

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Beer Bloemekei Ipa 6.5% Belgoo | IPA
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Belgique Bio Blonde Bouteille Brabant Flamand en stock

Round IPA with an intense dry hopping of exotic hops with floral and fruity aromas.

We perceive notes of lychee, grapefruit or passion fruit.

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Scooter 0,4% DrinkDrink | IPA
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Belgique Bio Blonde Bouteille Bruxelles en stock Sans Alcool

La bière belge Trotinette de la brasserie DrinkDrink est la bière sans alcool du moment. Elle a tout pour plaire. Elle est même certifié bière biologique. La Trotinette est une IPA légère avec un taux d'alcool de 0.4%. Pour les amateurs qui apprècient aussi l'alcool, la brasserie DrinkDrink propose la Bicylcette, la Tandem et la BMX parmi ses bières permanentes.

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Beer Taras Boulba 4.5% Senne | Session IPA
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Belgique Bio Blonde Bouteille Bruxelles en stock IPA

Taras Boulba is a light lager, generously hopped with the finest aromatic hops, giving it a very refreshing character and a fragrance reminiscent of citrus. The nose offers delicate aromas of spices, malt, hops and lemon. You can even smell slight notes of cookies, caramel and a bit of vanilla. Taras Boulba has a blonde colour with white foam. In the mouth, you can feel the bitterness present. You can also taste notes of caramel and lemon. It is a beer full of character but also thirst-quenching and refreshing. The finale of the beer is dry. 

Though Taras Boulba has now become many people's favourite beer, it had a rough start. First, Taras Boulba beer was created only for the brewers and their friends. The brewers claimed that they were only drinking their other famous beer, the Zinnebir, and they needed something lighter. Thus, Taras Boulba was born. After only drinking it by themselves, the brewers decided to start selling Taras Boulba locally. The problem was that the bitter beers had not yet made their name in Belgium. Only De Ranke brewery, whose niche is bitter beers, was in the market. The brewers had to fight hard and talk a lot with local beer bars and pubs to get their beer out. Finally, their beer has not only become popular locally but also internationally. 

Like Taras Boulba, all the beers of brewery de la Senne are brewed in a traditional way: unfiltered, unpasteurized and without additives.

Taras Boulba is also the favourite beer of Beercrush creator Florian. 


History and origin of the Taras Boulba beer name. 


The name Taras Boulba refers to a novel written by Nikolai Gogol. The novel is the story of Taras Boulba, who goes with his two sons to war against the Polish. One of the sons is in love with a Polish girl. The son helps the girl get some food during the war. Once Taras finds out about this, he kills his son. The brewers use this as a reference to the struggle between Flemings and Walloons in Belgium. 


Want to know more about Taras Boulba beer? Here are some of the most frequently asked questions answered:


  • What does the Taras Boulba beer label mean?

The Taras Boulba beer label is also related to the novel by Nikolai Gogol. On the label, you can see two men in front of a circus. A father and a son. The father is angry and holding a big barrel above his head, ready to throw it at his son while yelling "Smeirlap!". There is a comment on the label in the Brussels dialect. The comment states: "Behold, Taras Boulba is furiously angry. His son has married a Walloon!" The label is an interpretation of the novel, but with a Belgian twist reflecting the complicated relationship between Walloons and Flemings. 

taras boulba biere

  • Where is Taras Boulba beer brewed?

Brewery de la Senne is located in Brussels near Tour & Taxis between Laeken and Molenbeek neighbourhood. Tour & Taxis is an old industrial site made up mostly of warehouses that now has been turned into a cultural site. Brewery de la Senne has their brewing spot and a bar there. You are always welcome to degustate their beers.

  • What are the ingredients of Taras Boulba beer?

Taras Boulba is made of water, malted barley, noble hops, yeast and fermentable sugar. 

  • How to serve Taras Boulba beer?

It is best to use a tulip-shaped beer glass for serving Taras Boulba beer. The tulip-shaped glass is perfect for IPA beers or hoppy beers as it allows the drinker to swirl the beer around the glass and release the full aromas. The ideal serving temperature is 5 degrees celsius. 

  • What are other similar beers to Taras Boulba?

If you like hoppy beers, you should see our IPA beer collection. 

  • Is Taras Boulba gluten-free?

No, Taras Boulba is not gluten-free. You can find a large variety of gluten-free beers available from brasserie 28

  • What are some other beers brewed by la Senne brewery?

Some other famous craft beers by the Senne brewery are Zinnebir, Bruxellensis, Jambe de Bois, Stouterik and Saison du Meyboom, among many others.

taras boulba

Photo : brasserie de la Senne.


Want to buy Taras Boulba beer online? All you need to do is add the beer to the cart! You may also find Taras Boulba in our Belgian or Brussels beer boxes or in our monthly beer subscription boxes. 

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Lindemans Pomme 3.5% (35.5cl) Lindemans | Fruitée
Belgique Bouteille Léger en Alcool Pomme
Lindemans Pomme 3.5% (35.5cl) is een Belgisch bier gebrouwen door Lindemans. Beercrush levert Lindemans Pomme 3.5% (35.5cl) in België, Nederland en alle landen van de Europese Unie. 5000+ klanten - 1000+ belgische bieren - Anti-breuk karton - Sinds 2020
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Beer Advent Calendar

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Belgian Beer Advent Calendar Beercrush | Calendrier
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Belgique Coffret en stock

Message: Calendars are shipped daily

A 100% Belgian beer advent calendar.
That's what we're going to talk about for a few minutes.

Belgian beers are a great classic among beer lovers around the world.
We have opted to select our 2022 Belgian beer calendar for 24 different beers which represent the brewing diversity of Belgium with well-known and lesser-known beers.

The calendar contains beers from Belgian breweries with very different profiles such as family breweries known to everyone but also lots of new microbreweries which have emerged in recent years.

Our Belgian beer calendar is assembled in Brussels, Belgium and we ship it throughout the European Union with shipping costs adapted to the country of destination.

If you already know Belgian beers well, you can opt for one of our regional calendars dedicated to each Belgian province. These contain at least 12 beers from the Belgian province whose calendar you have chosen.
This year, we recommend the calendar for the Namur and Liège regions if you don't know which one to choose.

We end by answering a few questions that you may be asking yourself:

  • Possible to order several calendars per order for the same address
  • No hassle to add a personalized message for the calendar recipient
  • Invoice on request
  • Calendars are in stock and ready to ship
  • The boxes are ultra resistant, no need to worry
  • The beer selection is different from last year
  • The calendar weighs 16 kilos
  • Delivery is from 3.50€ and we deliver throughout the European Union
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Flanders Beer Advent Calendar Beercrush | Calendrier
Anvers Belgique Brabant Flamand Coffret Flandre Occidentale Flandre Orientale

Message: Permanently out of stock in 2023

An advent calendar with Flemish beers in it.

The diversity of Flemish beers is well represented with beers from the provinces of Antwerp, East Flanders and West Flanders.

The calendar contains 24 different beers with a few classics but especially local artisanal beers that will appeal to amateurs and those discovering them for the first time.

Walloon Belgian beer advent calendar

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Brussels Beer Advent Calendar Beercrush | Calendrier
Belgique Bruxelles Coffret

Message: Permanently out of stock in 2023

An advent calendar with 24 Brussels beers in it.

The Brussels region is in turmoil with new breweries or projects springing up every year.

List of breweries usually included in the Brussels Beer Advent Calendar :

  • Senne Brewery - pioneer of Brussels beers with a touch of bitterness
  • Brussels Beer Project - the Delta IPA and dozens of ephemeral beers
  • No Science - the best Porter style black beers
  • La source - the youngest that seduces everyone
  • Ermitage - the Lantern will illuminate your journey of thirst
  • En Stoemelings - Het is Ca va Brussels beers
  • Annexe - a brewery-fermentery that loves seasonal style beers
  • H2O - well-made beers by Olivier, a veteran of the Senne brewery
  • Beerstorming - experimental workshop, come and brew your own beer
  • Surrealist - soon to be operational in the Dansaert district
  • Witloof - Mexican-inspired beers of Everoise origin
  • Vandekelder - beers brewed in a cellar by 9 friends
  • Drogenbos Beer - the whiskey distillery shares its fermented brews with the public
  • Drinkthatbear - Red Beard and Grandmother
  • DrinkDrink - the specialist in organic beers for cycling enthusiasts or not
  • Bière de Quartier - 7 beers brewed in 7 districts by 7 different breweries

For those who are curious, here is what the advent calendar box looks like.

emballage calendrier avent biere beercrush

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Triple Beers

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Beer Paix Dieu 10% Caulier | Triple
Belgique Blonde Bouteille en stock Hainaut

Strong blonde beer, very yeasty. We recommend it. It is a traditional triple beer that is smooth and full of character. 

Next time you look at the full moon, you’ll look at it differently. That is because Paix Dieu is brewed under the full moon every 28 days. The beer used to be brewed by the abbey of Paix Dieu, where the lunar calendar was very important. The brewery has kept this tradition to stay true to the abbey and the beer. 

Not only are the brewers following the lunar calendar tradition, but they are also using old-fashioned manufacturing methods. These methods are almost identical to the methods used by the abbey. Paix Dieu beer is also 100% natural and preserved from filtration or pasteurisation. 

The colour of Paix Dieu beer is golden and cloudy. The head of the beer is creamy, generous and consistent. The beer has a medium body and is low in carbonation. 

On the nose, you’ll notice complex aromas. It is a mix of fruity, spicy, vanilla, hops, malt, and yeast aromas.

On the palate, you’ll get hoppy and sweet flavours. Notes of fruits, coriander, spices and yeast are present. It develops a fine bitterness. 

Paix Dieu has become a very popular drink and one of the most popular beers in the brewery. It is not only a popular beer in Belgium but very popular among the neighbouring countries, especially France. In fact, 50% of the production goes to the neighbours.


Why is Paix Dieu beer special?

Besides being brewed under the full moon, Paix Dieu is also among one of the strongest Belgian beers. So just like the full moon effect, you might turn into a werewolf after drinking a few of these beers with a 10% alcohol level.

Moreover, because it is only brewed during the full moon, it limits its production. That only adds value to the beer. 


Where is Paix Dieu beer brewed?

Paix Dieu is brewed by brewery Caulier. It is their only beer brewed under the full moon. The brewery is located close to the French border, in Péruwelz, Belgium. 


What are the ingredients of Paix Dieu?

The ingredients are carefully selected from local producers. The recipes include hops, malt and sugar. The yeast used is grown by the Caulier brewery. The water used to make Paix Dieu beer is drawn from the brewery’s own well. 


How to serve Paix Dieu?

Paix Dieu beer has its designated beer glass. Just like the full moon, it is completely round. The beer glass is also cut at a certain angle so it can capture all the aromas of the beer. Moreover, it is handmade glass. That means that each one of the beer glasses is unique. You are lucky if you own one. 

Photo: Caulier Paix Dieu


Which food goes well next to Paix Dieu beer?

You can serve Paix Dieu beer next to hard cheese or a good steak. 

What are some similar beers to Paix Dieu?

If you like Paix Dieu, see the rest of the beers from our triple beer collection

Want to try out Paix Dieu beer? Add it to the cart, and you can expect a beer delivery soon!

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Beer Jambe De Bois 8% Senne | Triple
Belgique Bio Blonde Bouteille Bruxelles

Jambe-de-Bois is balanced but generously hopped Triple. It is a powerful and full-bodied beer and most likely the bitterest Triple beer in Belgium. 

When you pour Jambe de Bois into your beer glass, you’ll notice a beautiful blonde colour beer with golden reflections filling the glass. It has a creamy, firm, white head. 

On the nose, the hops aromas dominate but are accompanied by orange, citrus, grass and banana. You will also notice the aromas of fermentation and another fruity aroma that resembles a pear. The floral, honeyed sweetness of malts and spicy notes appear as well. 

The beer flavours are unique. In the mouth, you will experience a balance of bitterness and fruitiness. A ripe banana taste can be noticed. Malt is another dominant taste. The strong alcohol content gives it roundness and the absence of residual sugars makes the finish hoppy and bitter. 

De la Senne brewery is known for its quality beers and has created some true gems. Jambe-de-Bois is a unique triple and should not be missed when degustating Belgian beers. 


Story of Jambe-de-Bois name


The Senne Brewery gives tribute to the Belgian revolution and more specifically a Belgian soldier Jean-Joseph Charlier with this beer. Jean-Joseph fought in Napoleon’s army and lost his leg. His new wooden leg did not stop him. Later, in 1830, Jean-Joseph was a cannoneer during the Belgian Revolution against the Netherlands. 


What else can we know about Jambe-de-Bois beer?


What’s on the Jambe-de-Bois beer label? 

The beer label is related to the story of the beer name and is dedicated to the Belgian revolution. The illustration shows someone with a wooden leg sitting on a cannon. That would be Jean-Joseph Charlier! The label also used to state “No Dutchman was hurt in the making of this beer,” while now it reads Belgian Revolution Triple. 

jambe de bois label

Where is Jambe-de-Bois brewed?

De la Senne brewery is located in Brussels in the Molenbeek-Saint-Jean area. 


How to serve Jambe-de-Bois beer?


The best serving temperature is 8 degrees celsius. It is best to use a tulip-shaped glass that can get the hoppy aromas out. Pour the beer slowly into a glass so it can form a nice foamy head. 


What are the ingredients of Jambe-de-Bois beer?


The beer contains barley malt, sugar, hops, yeast and water. 


How bitter is Jambe-de-Bois beer? 


It is quite a bitter triple with an IBU of 49. Triple beers' IBU range is usually between 20-45. 


Is Jambe-de-Bois gluten free?


No, it is not gluten-free. But we do have a gluten-free beer collection in our catalogue.


What are some other beers by de la Senne brewery?


De la Senne is one of the best craft beer breweries in Brussels and has many other great beers to offer. You should also try their Zinnebir, Taras Boulba, Bruxellensis, Saison du Meyboom and Stouterik

jambe de bois
Photo: Brasserie de la Senne


Thirsty for Jambe-de-Bois? Then add the beer to the cart! You can also find this beer in our Brussels beer box or discover it in our monthly beer subscription


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Beer Guldenberg 8% Ranke | Triple
Belgique Blonde Bouteille Hainaut

Triple hopped, in the long tradition of bitter beers from De Ranke.

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Beer L'Esprit Triple'S 8% Lesse | Triple
Belgique Blonde Bouteille Namur
A typical Belgian Triple, a strong and very fresh blond beer.
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