Advent Calendar 19/24 - Dupont Saison Beer

Imagine a sunny summer.

The forks collect the bales of straw.

The whole family, children included, is at work.

Many seasonal farm workers came to help.

All refresh with a season.

A saison beer.

Some explanations after this poetic introduction:

  • Saison is a style of beer typical of the Hainaut region
  • It is originally brewed in winter on farms when activity drops.
  • It is ready in the summer to refresh workers busy in the fields
  • It easily replaces water with its 1-2 degrees of alcohol.

Today, Saison Dupont is a light beer with 6.5% alcohol which offers herbaceous scents of hay and pine forests to the nose.

Americans say it is perfect, that it is the most copied season in the world.

Always copied but never equalled.

Health !


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