Advent Calendar 22/12 - Jack's Precious IPA Beer

Welcome to the 4 Musketeers.

Kristof, Rikkert, Maertens and Stefaan are the 3 friends behind the emblematic Troubadour Magma brewery? the strongest and hoppy triple in Belgium.

This evening, you have the opportunity to taste its little sister, Jack's Precious IPA.

It is named after a very popular elephant from the Ghent Zoo.

The brewery is located in East Flanders in the premises of a former brickworks.

The brewery inaugurated its own facilities in 2019, 20 years after the first brews between friends.

This gives an idea of ​​the length of such an adventure.

It seems that visits to the brewery on weekends are highly recommended.

The Musketeers brewery also offers many other beers.

There is the fixed range with the 2 beers already presented but also Westkust and Antigone.

Alongside the fixed range, Troubadour beer is produced in numerous variations including the Troubadour NEIPA which we warmly recommend.

There is also an ephemeral range with exotic labels and names that will transport you to other lands

  • Run through a field of wheat
  • Crowdsurfing in a rubber dinghy
  • Ride a bull
  • Cross the desert
  • Party on a Jamaican beach
  • See the Northern Light

Cheers in the company of Jack the elephant

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