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Box of 24 Anti-Waste Beers

Beercrush | Coffret
€29,00 Regular price €60,00 Sale price
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  • Anti-breakage packaging
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INCREDIBLE price for a box of 24 beers! But how?

This is because it is an anti-waste box. What does that mean?

This means that the expiration date on the bottles has passed, but it does not mean that the beer is any different than usual. I'm sure you've eaten or drunk something past its expiration date, but it's still delicious.

That's why we give away these beers at a great price! And don't worry, we personally check the beers every month to make sure they're still good.

What's in the beer box? The beer box has a few surprises in store for you. You discover a mix of beers that you may have never tasted before.

SUPER deal - we leave no waste behind, and you get great quality beers at a discount!

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