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Luxembourg Beers Advent Calendar

Beercrush | Calendrier
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C'est bientôt la saison des calendriers de l'avent

An advent calendar with beers from the province of Luxembourg.

Isn't that a good idea? Whether you're from the Ardennes or love spending your holidays there, we've selected 24 different beers including minimum 12 beers from the province of Luxembourg.

The province of Luxembourg offers many breweries that benefit from the pure water and the terroir of the Ardennes. There are Orval and Lupulus which have been established for decades but also more recent breweries such as Atrium de Marche-en-famenne which makes everyone agree.

The beer selection on the calendar changes each year but we generally work with the following breweries:

  • Brasserie Millevertus accompanies you in the art of virtuous drinking
  • Brasserie des Tchèts, cooperative in the village of Neuvillers where the Tchèts live
  • Brasserie Gengoulf the neighbors of the famous Orval
  • Brasserie St-Monon founded by the youngest brewer in Wallonia, 20 years ago
  • Château Grandvoir brews thirst-quenching Vaurien in one of its barns
  • Lupulus in homage to the hop wolves of Slovenia
  • Orval, the most famous Trappist, young or old
  • Rochehaut, an attractive beer
  • Rulle, 20 years of perfect Gaume beers
  • Saint-Hélène, the first brewery in Gaume recently revamped while keeping its artisanal soul
  • Brasserie de la Semois, Bruno & Philippe live the sister's dream in the Saint-Hélène facilities

For those who are curious, here is what the advent calendar box looks like.

emballage calendrier avent biere beercrush

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