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Namur Beer Advent Calendar

Beercrush | Calendrier
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C'est bientôt la saison des calendriers de l'avent

An advent calendar with beers from the province of Namur in it.

Isn't that a good idea? Whether you are from Namur or curious, we have selected 24 different beers produced with minimum 12 beers from brewery situated in Namur province.

The breweries usually selected for this Namur Beer Advent Calendar are very diverse. If you want to know more about the beers included in the advent calendar, stop here because the list:

  • Bocq Brewery in Purnode since 1858
  • Brasserie Caracole and its beers cooked over a wood fire
  • Brasserie de Bertinchamp: Bertinchamp, Belgium, Beer, Benoît
  • Brasserie de l’Abbaye de Brogne and its organic abbey beers
  • Brasserie de la Lesse: the brotherhood became a cooperative brewery
  • Gembloux: a return to basics for agricultural engineers
  • Brasserie Minne and its airs of the Ardennes
  • Brasserie de Namur: 5 locals behind La Houppe and La Jambes en l’air
  • Brasserie du Clocher and its Philomène
  • Notre-Dame de Saint-Rémy Abbey and the famous Rochefort Trappist beers
  • Brasserie des Fagnes and its 150 years of brewing development

For those who are curious, here is what the advent calendar box looks like.

emballage calendrier avent biere beercrush

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