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Hainaut Beer Advent Calendar

Beercrush | Calendrier
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An advent calendar with 24 beers including minimum 12 beers from the province of Hainaut inside.

The province of Hainaut is a bit like the holy grail of Belgian beer.

So many exceptional breweries can be found in such a small territory. It was very hard to choose the breweries that participate in this advent calendar.

Clearly the best advent calendar among all Belgian provinces.

Hainaut is full of breweries. The large Dubuisson and Dupont breweries rub shoulders with beer from Chimay and Saint-Feuillien alongside artisanal brewers such as Cazeau and de Blaugies, while newcomers are showing up. We think among others of the brasserie du Borinage and Vivement Dimanche

List of breweries usually included:

  • Borinage: beers in homage to the Borin culture
  • Brasserie 28: low-sugar beers with gluten-free option
  • Brasserie Vapeur: the equipment dates from the 18th century, the beer is unique
  • Brasserie Caulier: help, may the peace of God be upon me
  • Brasserie de Blaugies: taste me this season with spelled
  • Brasserie de Cazeau: an ancestor wakes up after a 30-year nap
  • Brasserie de l’Abbaye des Rocs: pioneer of craft beer from the 90s
  • Brasserie de l’Abbaye ND de Scourmont: we no longer present Chimay beers
  • Brasserie de Silly: organic brewery that experiments with a bit of everything
  • Brasserie des Légendes: the marriage of beers and folklore
  • Brasserie Dubuisson Frères: creator of the Bush, goes well with peaches
  • Brasserie Dupont: the most famous season in the world, also organic
  • Brasserie Saint-Feuillien: from abbey beer to West Coast IPA
  • Brasserie de la Couronne: only for empresses
  • Nectar Boheme: country beers in tribute to the season
  • Pays-Noir: microbrewery of the slagheaps of Charleroi
  • Tartaruga Fine Brewing: custom brewery, latest craft trends
  • Vanuxeem: one plow tail, two plow tails,...
  • Vivement Dimanche: new microbrewery in the city of Mouscron

For those who are curious, here is what the advent calendar box looks like.

emballage calendrier avent biere beercrush

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