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      Brewery The Ministry of Belgian Beer

      The Ministry of Belgian Beer is a brewery that specializes in low fermentation beer, which is very rare in Belgium for a craft brewery.

      This may sound ridiculous to fans of IPAs and other top-fermented beers, but it's not. The beers of Dimitri and Koen have nothing to envy to the specialty beers.

      They revisited this style which was strongly perverted in Belgium by the thirst for profits of industrial breweries. Forget the Jupilers, Maes and other flavorless beers. The Ministry of Belgian Beer has reappropriated this style and declined it into several products, each with their own identity.

      It was bold to start a brewery that only produces bottom fermentation, but they put all their knowledge into it, and it worked! Beer-geeks are fans, pilsner 13 is always nice to drink at beer festivals, to rinse your palate or just to quench your thirst.

      In addition Koen and Dimitri are co-founders of another brewery which is even more successful, the DOK Brewing Co. In love with their region, they have consciously kept a brewery which only does bottom fermentation and invested in another for the high fermentation beers they wish to produce.

      A stroke of genius when you know that DOK is currently one of the best breweries in Belgium.

      The Ministry of Belgian Beer brewery currently has four beers; the filtered 13, the unfiltered 13, the fresh hop 13 (with a lot more hops and raw hopping) and the 13 Delta Craft Pilsner which is the canned version.

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