Brewery De Koninck

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      Brewery De Koninck

      The De Koninck brewery is very old but difficult to say since when.

      The brewing activity in this part of the city has been known for hundreds of years and seems to date back to the existence of an inn located at the crossroads of two major roads.

      The De Koninck brewery brews the Bolleke which is the beer of the city of Antwerp. This has always been highly appreciated by the people of Antwerp.

      In addition to the triple that bears the name of the city, each beer refers to a history of the city. It always has been and always will be. She is also actively involved in cultural and folk activities in Antwerp.

      The De Koninck brewery was bought by the Duvel Moortgat group, which moved into the brewery museum and created a whole center dedicated to the pleasures of the mouth.

      Today no less than five craftsmen share the premises with the brewery.
      A bakery, two restaurants, a market gardener and two bars are available on the premises.

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