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      Brewery C

      Brasserie C was born from the meeting of two agronomy students, passionate about the brewing world and who shared the same vision of entrepreneurship.

      They took three years to set up their project and in 2012 they participated in Starter (project for young entrepreneurs of the RTBF) which greatly helped them.

      Curtius was thus brewed for the first time in early 2012 and the Liège adventure was launched.

      After traveling through many beer festivals in Europe, they decided to return to the country to really be dependent on their brewery. Until then, their beers were brewed at Anders!, which rents its facilities.

      They set up Brasserie C in the city center of Liège to be closer to consumers. They are at the foot of the Bueren stairs in Liège.

      Over time they expanded their range with two other beers: C Smash and Black C.

      They also opened a pub in a charming place in the historic center of Liège.

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