Brewery Houppe

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      2 products

      Beer Jambes En L'Air 4.8% Brasserie Artisanale de Namur | Blonde
      68,23 Kč
      Belgique Bouteille En stock Namur perm
      Aromatic beer with exotic fruits whose hoppy character extends to the mouth. This refreshing beer will give you great moments of pleasure.
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      Beer La Houppe 7.5% Brasserie Artisanale de Namur | Blonde Belge
      74,43 Kč
      Belgique Bouteille En stock Namur perm
      La Houppe is a blonde beer with copper highlights, balanced bitterness and some citrus notes. Its aromatic nose betrays the presence of a subtle blend of 3 varieties of hops.
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      Story of Brewery Houppe

      The Houppe brewery began its activities in 2012 with five Namur residents who wanted to create a brewery in Namur and showcase the region's terroir and producers. One of them has studied brewing and they are working together on a beer with new tastes. In reality, they will just hop their beer with more hops, it's a bit of a trend at the time.

      In 2013 the beer is created and they have it brewed by Anders!, they will only make 75 cl bottles at the beginning, having the will that their beer be shared between friends. But the desire of the partners is indeed to open their own brewery and it must be in the city of Namur, it is imperative.

      It was then that they found a place, an old abandoned brewery (Balon-Perrin brewery), located on the edge of the Meuse. They are seduced as the place has charm but also a history.

      This is where the Houppe brewery (this is the name they have chosen) is settling. And in 2016, a year later, the first Houppe de Namur leaves the brewery. They also decide that they will do it in two formats; 33 cl and 75 cl.

      Today they added two beers to their menu, still inspired by their city.

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