Black beer

6 products

6 products

Beer Noir De Dottignies 8.5% De Ranke | Noire
57,05 Kč
Belgique Bouteille Hainaut

Noir de Dottignies is well balanced between malty flavors and Saaz and Challenger hopping.

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Beer Gouden Carolus Classic 8.5% Het Anker | Noire
57,05 Kč
Anvers Belgique Bouteille

Half brown, half Christmas beer, it has an unparalleled spicy taste.

Some even find it halfway between beer and mulled wine, but contrary to what one might think, it is not acidic but rather very sweet.

Abbey beer lovers, you absolutely have to taste this beer.

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Beer Moose Blues 7.5% Verzet | Noire
62,01 Kč
Belgique Bouteille Flandre Orientale

Black beer with maple syrup.

The addition of maple syrup in the beer only enhances this spicy sensation.

The taste is quite mild and the cereal reveals itself completely in this avalanche of flavors.

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Beer Magie Noire 4.7% Galibot | Noire
82,35 Kč
Magie Noire is a black beer with an attractive ruby hue. The white foam, fed by fine bubbles like shooting stars, brings all the contrast. The nose reveals beautiful and discreet aromas of roasting. The mouth is dry and offers a nice minerality.
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Beer Dark Coal 5.2% La Brasserie Belge | Noire
73,18 Kč
Belgique Bouteille Liege limited
Intensely black, obtained by brewing special roasted malts, this beer is distinguished above all by its creamy and unctuous texture. A creamy foam reinforces the impression of enjoying a cappuccino. The addition of artisanal syrup gives it a fruity taste of apple and pear.
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Beer Black 6.3% Bellevaux | Noire
49,61 Kč
Belgique Bouteille Liege
Black beer full of character, English style and dark with a creamy head. Dry touches of coffee (roasted malt) which explain the bitter sip on the finish.
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Story of Black beer

Black beers are black colored beers which include porter and stout beers of English origin, but also certain strong Belgian beers and certain styles of German beer. We often find roasted flavors in the mouth that are reminiscent of chocolate, coffee or caramel. These are in fact the flavors resulting from the process of roasting the grains that are found during the process of malting cereal grains to make malt.
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