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6 products

Beer Sex Ale And Rock 'N' Roll 8% Sainte Cru | IPA
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An intensely hoppy double IPA: raw, bitter and resinous power. Amber in color tending towards orange topped with a fine off-white head. Aromas of hops, malt, citrus and caramel.
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Beer Orange Mecanique 7% Sainte Cru | Blonde Belge
62,16 Kč Regular price 85,78 Kč Sale price
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Orange Mécanique is a strong blond beer with honey brewed by the Sainte Cru brewery
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Beer White Rabbit 5% Sainte Cru | White IPA
39,78 Kč Regular price 80,80 Kč Sale price
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White Rabbit is the white beer from the Sainte Cru brewery. They couldn't help but knock the bag off the hops. Result a White IPA.
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Manala Beer 5% Sainte Cru | Blanche
80,80 Kč
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A dark artisanal beer light in bitterness and full of flavors such as dried fruits or caramel. Opaque, amber to coppery color topped with a creamy beige head. Aromas of caramel, dried fruit and toasted malt with a delicate note of coffee. Flavors of dried fruit, caramel, hops, hazelnut and toasted malt.
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Beer Delicatessen 6.5% Sainte Cru | Fumée
74,59 Kč
Delicatessen is a balanced smoked beer with a woody touch provided by oak shavings. A nice introduction to the style.
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Beer Tempête Du Désert 5.5% Sainte Cru | American Pale Ale
80,55 Kč
The nose is clearly on tropical fruits with a leaning towards lychee. It is intense and very pleasant. On the palate, a beautiful bitterness welcomes us with hoppy and fruity flavors. It's soft and round too. The finish is rather long and remains on a resinous bitterness.
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Story of Brewery Sainte Cru

The Alsatian brasserie Sainte Cru offers barred beers that give off an explosion of flavor through the intensive use of hops.

The adventure of the Sainte Cru brewery begins with the tasting of the Punk IPA from the Scottish brewery Brewdog. It is a revelation for our brewers who discover the virtues of hopped beers. Today 90% of their hops are American.

In 2007, a first brew took place in Sainte-Croix en Plain in Alsace with the intention of producing beers with a strong personality in order to put all consumers of tasteless industrial beers back on the right track.

In 2013, the Sainte Cru brewery moved to Colmar in more spacious premises in order to increase its production. This increases each year and is 7000 hl for the year 2020.

The brewers at Sainte Cru define their philosophy and their recipes as being the sum of one third non-conformism, one third obsession and one third high quality raw materials. The result is a range of beer with a strong personality both in content and on the label.

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