Brewery Popihn

      3 products

      3 products

      Beer Sour Ipa Citra-Mosaic-Talus 6.3% Popihn | Acide
      62,03 Kč Regular price 147,63 Kč Sale price
      Bouteille Promo
      Sour IPA beer with Citra, Mosaic and Talus hops
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      Icauna Beer 4.8% Popihn | IPA
      37,22 Kč Regular price 79,15 Kč Sale price
      abo Bouteille Promo


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      Neipa Ddh Simcoe-Ekuanot 7.1% Popihn | IPA
      172,44 Kč
      It's all in the name. Hops Simcoe & Ekuanot
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      Story of Brewery Popihn

      Pophin is one of the reference breweries of the French craft beer scene. Arnaud Popihn and his friend Gunther became famous by scouring festivals with their intensely fruity and frankly bitter IPAs.

      The Popihn brewery sends dreams into our glasses, but that is before we have seen the hygienic framework in which it evolves. Installed in the barn of the Pophin family farm, the vats bathe in the middle of a large wooded area where cereal crops, livestock and a future orchard coexist.

      You guessed it, everything obviously goes hand in hand. We find the wood of the domain in the barrels, malting barley in the brews and the route of the fruits of the orchard is already traced for the range of large fruity sours.

      Because even if Pophin is famous for its ultra aromatic IPAs, there are also stouts or sours among their ephemeral beers.

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