Brewery Pleine Lune

      3 products

      3 products

      Beer Lunette 4.8% Pleine Lune | Blanche
      93,02 Kč
      Bio Bouteille limited

      Hoppy White

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      Beer Lager Des Etoiles 6.1% Pleine Lune | Lager
      84,59 Kč
      abo Bio Bouteille henry limited


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      Beer ens De La Lune 4.9% Pleine Lune | Lager
      85,33 Kč
      abo Bio Bouteille henry limited

      Hoppy Lager

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      Story of Brewery Pleine Lune

      The brasserie de la Lune was born in 2011 from the hands of Benoit in Chabeuil in Drôme Provencale not far from the city of Valence. Brasserie de la Lune is a pioneering brewery that has become 100% organic since 2014 and offers a whole universe around the stars.

      The team and the production grow each year thanks in particular to crowdfunding and currently brew 3000 hectoliters per year.

      Brasserie de la Lune has made a specialty of lager beers. We thus find an India Pale Lager, a black lager. The brewery has also been offering barrel beers for several years.

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