Brewery Malpolon

      3 products

      3 products

      Beer Tanti Auguri 3.7% Malpolon | Grisette
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      Birthday grisette, light, fresh and hoppy
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      Beer Blé - Fenouil 4.5% Malpolon | Blanche
      48,44 Kč Regular price 93,14 Kč Sale price
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      White beer where fennel seeds have replaced the usual spices.
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      Beer French Ipa 6% Malpolon | IPA
      98,11 Kč
      100% local malts and hops. The result is a coppery grassy and resinous beer.
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      Story of Brewery Malpolon

      La Malpolon is a local craft brewery in the Montpellier region. 

      It is a brewery committed to paying close attention to the environmental impact of its activities and trying as much as possible to source locally. 

      Production is still confidential and the Malpolon brewery favors small brews in order to be able to offer as many different beers as possible.

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