Brewery Iron

      3 products

      3 products

      Beer Wheat Ale Thym Citron 5% Iron | Blanche
      95,62 Kč
      Lemony white beer or thyme replaces the usual coriander.
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      Beer Litchi Ipa 6% Iron | IPA
      147,78 Kč
      Light bitter blonde beer in alcohol with a nice lychee flavor.
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      Beer Gose Bettrave Passion 6.1% Iron | Gose
      122,94 Kč
      Acide Bouteille
      A classic of the genre. We slightly detect the earthy side of the beet
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      Story of Brewery Iron

      The Iron brewery is one of the favorite breweries of beer geeks with its ephemeral brews and its surprising beers with exotic and unique recipes due to their exuberance.

      We thus find blueberry, lemon balm, kiwi, dill, mirabelle plum, guava, lychee, beetroot, pineapple and chestnuts among the Iron beers recently released at the time of writing this article.

      What we can say is that David Garrigues has ideas and that from his brewery in Montauban, he delights thrill seekers in France and beyond.

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