Brewery Het Nest

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      2 products

      Beer Schuppenboer Tripel 8% Het Nest | Triple
      49,69 Kč
      Anvers Belgique Bouteille En stock

      The SchuppenBoer Triple (jack of spades in Dutch) is a triple hopped with Cascade hops with the addition of coriander.

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      Beer Kleveretien 10 Het Nest | Quadrupel
      68,32 Kč
      Anvers Belgique Bouteille Foncée
      A dark brown to black colored beer with a spicy aroma and a malty caramel sweetness, dried fruits and also some chocolate notes. The taste is rich in malt.
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      Story of Brewery Het Nest

      Het Nest is a brewery whose story begins with a beer tasting club named “de Orde van de Zatte Mus” (meaning ‘the order of the drunken sparrow’). The emblem is two sparrows brooding a beer in their nest.

      Over time, they have tasted good beers but also bad ones. And it was while tasting these that many said to themselves "I'm sure we could do better". Some of the members trained as brewers, and in 2006 the first beer was brewed.

      Following a third place in the Dutch home brewers competition, they decided to open a brewery, there was no doubt that they would be successful. The first beer was dedicated to the beer festival they held every year, the "FestivalTripel".

      Subsequently, this beer was renamed "Schuppenboer" (Jack of Spades). The other Het Nest beers also have the names of card figures, as the Turnhout region has always had a great craze for card games.

      The great success of the first Het Nest beer forced the brewers to immediately move to a larger location. Initially they brewed at ‘t Hofbrouwerijke in Beersel but the maximum capacity was quickly reached.

      They tripled their volume by going to be brewed at Scheldebrouwerij in Meer.

      But by dint of moving, the creators of Het Nest beers end up understanding that they will need their own place to be able to develop to the maximum. In 2015, they had their brewery built on the Beyntel site in Turnhout.

      Since then, several other recipes have appeared and barrel beer projects are underway.

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