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4 products

Beer Ale Capone 5.5% H2O | Blonde
68,37 Kč
Belgique Bouteille Bruxelles perm
A tasty pale ale. The first aromas are frank and peppery, then the first sip gives way to a lively bitterness that leaves citrus aromas (grapefruit and orange) in the mouth, the result of the use of hop flowers. This is followed by an aroma of yeast to finally deliver a long thirst-quenching and cereal sensation that gives the whole a sensation of crusty bread.
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Beer White Spirit 4.8% H2O | White IPA
68,37 Kč
Belgique Blanche Bouteille Bruxelles
A white beer with coriander, orange peel and wheat with an opaque golden color like wheat, with very fine scattered bubbles that form a light white foam. Complex beer, with aromas of fruit but also cereals with a touch of white spices. On the palate, a lively attack is brought by the bubbles to be followed by a sweetness on the citrus fruits and ending with a slightly bitter finish.
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Beer Blocus 9% H2O | Triple
68,37 Kč
Belgique Bouteille Bruxelles

The triple favorite of brewer Olivier.

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Beer Anarkriek 8.5% H2O | Porter
87,02 Kč
Belgique Bouteille Bruxelles Noire

A Porter beer that mixes bitterness and acidity (light) with a nice hold in the mouth.

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Story of Brewery H2O

Brasserie H20 is a small craft micro-brewery in Brussels run by Olivier. Olivier is a former Brasserie de la Senne who wanted to open his own brewery.

Today, three different beers are brewed by H2O: the Al Capone, the White Spirit and the Triple Blockade.

Olivier makes it a point of honor to brew his own beers himself. Initially he had an installation located in Schaerbeek, but due to water damage he brewed at a friend's, the brewer of the 't Hofbrouwerijke brewery located in Flanders.

The H2O Brewery is similar to the Senne brewery while being much smaller in size. max of the No Science brasserie also offers beers that can be classified in the same category.
We met Olivier at one of the Bxl Beer Fest festivals, a priori during the 2019 edition where he presented his craft beers to the public for the first time.

We don't know yet if Olivier will add other beers to the H20 range but we can't wait to taste them.

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