Brewery Craig Allan

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      4 products

      Beer Agent Provocateur 6.5% Craig Allan | Blonde Belge
      78,81 Kč
      AV-21-FR Bouteille En stock

      BE Golden Ale

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      Beer Psychedelia 5% Craig Allan | Blonde
      82,54 Kč
      Bouteille En stock
      A blond beer featuring the New Zealand hop variety: Moteuka. This “American Pale Ale” is brewed with Light Pale Malt and a light touch of Biscuit malt. This allows the passion fruit aromas of the hops to express themselves, leaving a dry finish and a refreshing bitterness.
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      Beer Black Market 6% Craig Allan | Stout
      80,31 Kč
      AV-21-FR Bouteille En stock
      The Black Market is a smooth Irish Stout. The pleasure begins with its beautiful head of brown mousse and ends with a nice length in the mouth on the notes of coffee and chocolate.
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      Beer India Project'Ale Ipa Sorachie Ace 5.5% Craig Allan | IPA
      82,05 Kč
      An IPA-style beer that is constantly evolving. The hops used change with each brew. British yeasts contribute to its fruity side.
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      Story of Brewery Craig Allan

      The story of Craig Allan is different from many breweries. This is the story of a taste lover who, after having worked in the world of whiskey et du vin decided to learn about beer and create his own beers.

      The Craig Alan brewery offers creative beers where taste has its place. Its beers are the result of the experience of its founder Craig, a Scot who also evolved in the world of wine and whiskey.

      The Craig Alan brewery is the story of a man, Craig, of Scottish origin who settled in France and decided to launch a brewing project there after having worked for several years in the beer and whiskey industry in England. but also within vineyards in France. Craig is above all a passion for taste and he develops fine and complex beers that are often perfect for food pairing with quality dishes. The result are 3 Craig Allan beers: Agent Provocateur, Cuvée d'Oscar and Psychedelia. These are brewed in Belgium by De Proef, a brewery specializing in brewing for others since 2010, the year the project was launched.

      In addition, since 2015, ephemeral beers have been brewed in the Picardy family farmhouse. These ephemeral beers are often aged in barrels of Pinot Noir or Chardonnay from Burgundy.

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