Brewery Aerofab

      2 products

      2 products

      Beer Petite Brise 3.8% Aerofab | Session IPA
      93,79 Kč
      can Canette
      Petite Brise is the Session IPA from the Aerofab brewery. A nice balance between aromatic and bitterness while lightness. Each brew corresponds to a version. Thus the experience evolves over the tastings
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      Beer Blizzard 5.5% Aerofab | American Pale Ale
      92,55 Kč
      can Canette
      Blizzard is a hoppy blond beer inspired by American Pale Ale
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      Story of Brewery Aerofab

      Aerofab is a French craft brewery established near Nantes in Sautron. Aerofab can almost be considered a brewery on the Atlantic coast. Charles and Arthur, its 2 co-founders, describe themselves as brewers of the wind with light beers whose names all refer to one of the great atmospheric currents such as the Mistral, or the Nor'easter.

      Aerofab beers are generally well hopped and light in alcohol. The recipes vary slightly with each brew and suddenly we have the pleasure of savoring the beers in series and trying to discover the variations in flavor from one brew to another.

      They are also all packaged in cans. This bias has its origins in the passion of Artuhr and Charles for windy outdoor activities such as hiking, climbing or boating. There's nothing like slipping a few (light) cans into your bag to savor more of these outdoor activities.

      After a first year of wandering which takes them, among other places, to the brasserie du Nautile and to Parisis. Aerofab moved into its premises in 2019. Arthur and Charles continue the journey by welcoming other gipsy brewers to their new facility.

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