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14 products

Beer Bruxellensis 6.5% Brasserie de la Senne | Brett
72,03 Kč
Acide Belgique Bio Bouteille Bruxelles En stock perm
Bruxellensis is an amber beer with copper reflections, its fruity attack (pineapple, red fruits) is supported by aromas of hops, and complex notes of old leather. A malty touch then develops, with biscuit nuances and a persistent fruity aroma. Its finish is dry and bitter, its character is unique.
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Beer Zenne Pils 4.9% Brasserie de la Senne | Pils
52,16 Kč
Belgique Bio Bouteille Bruxelles En stock perm
Zenne Pils is a bottom-fermented, unfiltered and unpasteurized beer. It is also generously hopped with old German noble hop varieties.
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Beer Jambe De Bois 8% Brasserie de la Senne | Triple
62,10 Kč
Belgique Bio Bouteille Bruxelles En stock perm

Jambe-de-Bois is balanced but generously hopped Triple. It is a powerful and full-bodied beer and most likely the bitterest Triple beer in Belgium. 

When you pour Jambe de Bois into your beer glass, you’ll notice a beautiful blonde colour beer with golden reflections filling the glass. It has a creamy, firm, white head. 

On the nose, the hops aromas dominate but are accompanied by orange, citrus, grass and banana. You will also notice the aromas of fermentation and another fruity aroma that resembles a pear. The floral, honeyed sweetness of malts and spicy notes appear as well. 

The beer flavours are unique. In the mouth, you will experience a balance of bitterness and fruitiness. A ripe banana taste can be noticed. Malt is another dominant taste. The strong alcohol content gives it roundness and the absence of residual sugars makes the finish hoppy and bitter. 

De la Senne brewery is known for its quality beers and has created some true gems. Jambe-de-Bois is a unique triple and should not be missed when degustating Belgian beers. 


Story of Jambe-de-Bois name


The Senne Brewery gives tribute to the Belgian revolution and more specifically a Belgian soldier Jean-Joseph Charlier with this beer. Jean-Joseph fought in Napoleon’s army and lost his leg. His new wooden leg did not stop him. Later, in 1830, Jean-Joseph was a cannoneer during the Belgian Revolution against the Netherlands. 


What else can we know about Jambe-de-Bois beer?


What’s on the Jambe-de-Bois beer label? 

The beer label is related to the story of the beer name and is dedicated to the Belgian revolution. The illustration shows someone with a wooden leg sitting on a cannon. That would be Jean-Joseph Charlier! The label also used to state “No Dutchman was hurt in the making of this beer,” while now it reads Belgian Revolution Triple. 

jambe de bois label

Where is Jambe-de-Bois brewed?

De la Senne brewery is located in Brussels in the Molenbeek-Saint-Jean area. 


How to serve Jambe-de-Bois beer?


The best serving temperature is 8 degrees celsius. It is best to use a tulip-shaped glass that can get the hoppy aromas out. Pour the beer slowly into a glass so it can form a nice foamy head. 


What are the ingredients of Jambe-de-Bois beer?


The beer contains barley malt, sugar, hops, yeast and water. 


How bitter is Jambe-de-Bois beer? 


It is quite a bitter triple with an IBU of 49. Triple beers' IBU range is usually between 20-45. 


Is Jambe-de-Bois gluten free?


No, it is not gluten-free. But we do have a gluten-free beer collection in our catalogue.


What are some other beers by de la Senne brewery?


De la Senne is one of the best craft beer breweries in Brussels and has many other great beers to offer. You should also try their Zinnebir, Taras Boulba, Bruxellensis, Saison du Meyboom and Stouterik

jambe de bois
Photo: Brasserie de la Senne


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Box of 8 Brasserie de la Senne Beers Brasserie de la Senne | Coffret
670,64 Kč
Belgique Bruxelles

Brasserie de la Senne box is a box of 8 beers from the Senne brewery.

If this box is no longer in stock, you can easily compose your own box via this link which will display all the matching beers.

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Beer Zinnebir 5.8% Brasserie de la Senne | Blonde
53,40 Kč
Belgique Bio Bouteille Bruxelles perm

Zinnebir is a perfectly balanced Pale Ale, with a golden color slightly tending to amber. It develops fruity and hoppy aromas reminiscent of dried apricot and orange marmalade. They are supported by malted notes very slight biscuity, as well as by a beautiful bitterness.

When you pour Zinnebir into your beer glass, on top of the beautiful golden and orange colour lies a velvety white foam. The word balance is the key for this beer. The body of the beer is perfect, not too full or light. There is an equilibrium between the hops and malt. You have the flavours from de la Sennes' own yeast that are balanced out with the maltiness. Everything in the beer works well together. The profile is spicy, zesty, herbal and floral. The German and Slovenian noble hops give it the needed bitterness. In the mouth, you may even notice a bit of pineapple and honey. 

It is a perfect thirst-quenching beer!

The story of Zinnebir

Get ready to discover the story of Zinnebir as it is unlike any beer that came out of thirst or experimentation. 

Zinnebir is brewed by Bernard Leboucq and Yvan De Baets, two Brussels-based brewers and founders of de la Senne brewery. One was a homebrewer and another a social worker. The brewers first had a microbrewery in Sint-Pieters-Leeuw, which then became too small for them to truly express themselves. Thus, they moved to Brussels and opened a brewery in 2010 in a converted bread factory. Both brewers had already long thought about creating an iconic beer for Brussels city. 

After planning, the brewers agreed to brew a beer for the annual Zinneke parade in 2002. The parade is a celebration of Brussels’ cosmopolitan spirit. This is how Zinnebir was born. The two beer brewers did not have their brewery back then, so the beer was brewed in a basement.

The beer name came after the Zinneke parade and also the Senne river that flows through Brussels. The Dutch part calls the river la Zenne but also Zenneke, which means little Zenne. Sometimes even the people of Brussels are called Zinnekes. 

The brewers worked on perfecting the beer throughout the years to arrive at the flawless product that it is now. They changed the raw ingredients to achieve the perfect balance between hop, malt, spiciness and fruitiness. The brewers intended to make a beer that can be drunk a lot. Thus, the alcohol content is 5.8%. And of course, the beer is brewed in an artisanal way without any additives. 

We can now say that de la Senne brewery has accomplished its mission and Zinnebir is a beer of Brussels and the people of Brussels. The beer flavour reflects the cosmopolitan atmosphere of Brussels, but like all the ingredients, flavours and tastes of the Zinnebir, the different cultures and people of Brussels live together in a perfect balance. 

Not only has Zinnebir made its name as the beer of Brussels, but the beer and the brewery also acted as a role models for other brewers. The brewery had a huge influence on the craft beer movement in the city and many people followed their footsteps, which brought Brussels other amazing craft beer breweries like the Brussels Beer Project, No Science, Beerstorming and many others. 

Lastly, the beer is the flagship beer of the brewery and their best seller. The locals can also ask for Zinnebir in any beer bar they visit. We can confirm the Zinnebir popularity, as some of our clients even order a whole beer box of Zinnebir regularly. No one can get enough of that beer! 

What else is there to know about Zinnebir?

  • Where is Zinnebir beer brewed? 

Though the brewing process started in a basement, Zinnebir has now moved to de la Senne brewery, which is located in Brussels near the cultural space Tour & Taxis. 

  • What does the Zinnebir beer label mean?

The Zinnebir label illustrates the Brussels city skyline, the buildings and the Senne river flowing through the city with a big bright sun behind it all. The label uses warm and happy colours such as yellow and green. It gives you a feeling like Brussels is a calm, orderly city, though there can be some crazy traffic and full of vibrant events. Despite the messiness, it all still functions in harmony. 

zinnebir etiquette
Photo: Brasserie de la Senne
  • How to serve Zinnebir and which beer glass to use?

Zinnebir is best served in a tulip beer glass, which helps to release the exciting aromas that the beer has. The minimum serving temperature is 5 degrees celsius. 

  • What are the ingredients of Zinnebir?

The Zinnebir ingredients are water, hops, yeast, barley malt, and fermentable sugar.

  • What food goes well with Zinnebir?

Zinnebir beer goes very well with cheese platters or cheesy dishes. It is especially good with creamy cheeses like cottage cheese or goat cheese. The bitterness of the beer and the creaminess of the cheese make a perfect match. Zinnebir also goes well with seafood. 

  • What are the other beers by de la Senne brewery?

Some people argue that Zinnebir is not even the best beer in the brewery and favour the younger sister, Taras Boulba. The beer has a similar fruity and spicy taste, but more bitterness and it is an easy to drink beer with lower alcohol content. In the end, it is a question of personal taste. After all, without Zinnebir, there would not be a Taras Boulba. The brewers needed a change from Zinnebir and something lighter to drink.  

Besides Taras Boulba, the brewery also has other famous beers like the Jambe de Bois, Bruxellensis, Stouterik and Saison du Meyboom


Photo: Brasserie de la Senne

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Beer Taras Boulba 4.5% Brasserie de la Senne | Session IPA
52,16 Kč
Belgique Bio Bouteille Bruxelles perm

Taras Boulba is a light lager, generously hopped with the finest aromatic hops, giving it a very refreshing character and a fragrance reminiscent of citrus. The nose offers delicate aromas of spices, malt, hops and lemon. You can even smell slight notes of cookies, caramel and a bit of vanilla. Taras Boulba has a blonde colour with white foam. In the mouth, you can feel the bitterness present. You can also taste notes of caramel and lemon. It is a beer full of character but also thirst-quenching and refreshing. The finale of the beer is dry. 

Though Taras Boulba has now become many people's favourite beer, it had a rough start. First, Taras Boulba beer was created only for the brewers and their friends. The brewers claimed that they were only drinking their other famous beer, the Zinnebir, and they needed something lighter. Thus, Taras Boulba was born. After only drinking it by themselves, the brewers decided to start selling Taras Boulba locally. The problem was that the bitter beers had not yet made their name in Belgium. Only De Ranke brewery, whose niche is bitter beers, was in the market. The brewers had to fight hard and talk a lot with local beer bars and pubs to get their beer out. Finally, their beer has not only become popular locally but also internationally. 

Like Taras Boulba, all the beers of brewery de la Senne are brewed in a traditional way: unfiltered, unpasteurized and without additives.

Taras Boulba is also the favourite beer of Beercrush creator Florian. 


History and origin of the Taras Boulba beer name. 


The name Taras Boulba refers to a novel written by Nikolai Gogol. The novel is the story of Taras Boulba, who goes with his two sons to war against the Polish. One of the sons is in love with a Polish girl. The son helps the girl get some food during the war. Once Taras finds out about this, he kills his son. The brewers use this as a reference to the struggle between Flemings and Walloons in Belgium. 


Want to know more about Taras Boulba beer? Here are some of the most frequently asked questions answered:


  • What does the Taras Boulba beer label mean?

The Taras Boulba beer label is also related to the novel by Nikolai Gogol. On the label, you can see two men in front of a circus. A father and a son. The father is angry and holding a big barrel above his head, ready to throw it at his son while yelling "Smeirlap!". There is a comment on the label in the Brussels dialect. The comment states: "Behold, Taras Boulba is furiously angry. His son has married a Walloon!" The label is an interpretation of the novel, but with a Belgian twist reflecting the complicated relationship between Walloons and Flemings. 

taras boulba biere

  • Where is Taras Boulba beer brewed?

Brewery de la Senne is located in Brussels near Tour & Taxis between Laeken and Molenbeek neighbourhood. Tour & Taxis is an old industrial site made up mostly of warehouses that now has been turned into a cultural site. Brewery de la Senne has their brewing spot and a bar there. You are always welcome to degustate their beers.

  • What are the ingredients of Taras Boulba beer?

Taras Boulba is made of water, malted barley, noble hops, yeast and fermentable sugar. 

  • How to serve Taras Boulba beer?

It is best to use a tulip-shaped beer glass for serving Taras Boulba beer. The tulip-shaped glass is perfect for IPA beers or hoppy beers as it allows the drinker to swirl the beer around the glass and release the full aromas. The ideal serving temperature is 5 degrees celsius. 

  • What are other similar beers to Taras Boulba?

If you like hoppy beers, you should see our IPA beer collection. 

  • Is Taras Boulba gluten-free?

No, Taras Boulba is not gluten-free. You can find a large variety of gluten-free beers available from brasserie 28

  • What are some other beers brewed by la Senne brewery?

Some other famous craft beers by the Senne brewery are Zinnebir, Bruxellensis, Jambe de Bois, Stouterik and Saison du Meyboom, among many others.

taras boulba

Photo : brasserie de la Senne.


Want to buy Taras Boulba beer online? All you need to do is add the beer to the cart! You may also find Taras Boulba in our Belgian or Brussels beer boxes or in our monthly beer subscription boxes. 

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Beer Brussels Calling 6.5% Brasserie de la Senne | IPA
68,31 Kč
Belgique Bio Bouteille Bruxelles perm
Brussels Calling is a very balanced "Belgian IPA". The bouquet is intensely exotic and floral. These flavors carry over into the taste, paired with a nice malt base. At the end, the fruity character merges with a long and dry bitterness.
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Beer Saison Van De Bruwer 5.3% Brasserie de la Senne | Saison
68,31 Kč
Belgique Bio Bouteille Bruxelles perm

Very dry spelled season with the addition of brettanomyces yeast.

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Beer Stouterik 5% Brasserie de la Senne | Stout
62,10 Kč
Belgique Bio Bouteille Bruxelles Noire perm

Stout with roasted aromas and a very balanced bitterness.

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Beer Saison Du Meyboom 5.5% Brasserie de la Senne | Saison
64,58 Kč
Belgique Bio Bouteille Bruxelles perm
Poured into a glass, Saison du Meyboom reveals a yellow color with a thick white foam, for aromas of flowers, spices, hops and fruits. On the palate, the attack is lively. It's floral and spicy with hints of pineapple and white pepper under moderate bitterness.
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Beer Saison De La Senne 2021 6% Brasserie de la Senne | Saison
98,11 Kč
Belgique Bio Bouteille Bruxelles

Saison de la Senne looks like a hoppy geuze, but it is much more than that. We have a generously hopped saison style beer that has aged for 3 years in barrels.

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Beer Brusseleir 8% Brasserie de la Senne | Black IPA
62,10 Kč
Belgique Bio Bouteille Bruxelles Noire perm
Attention this product has a date of preference to consume before which is exceeded.
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Beer Wintermess 8% Brasserie de la Senne | Bière de Noël
62,10 Kč
Belgique Bio Bouteille Brune Bruxelles

Aromas of caramel and chocolate with a creamy mousse and fruity undertones.

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Beer Bruxellensis Reserva 6.5% Brasserie de la Senne | Brett
155,24 Kč
Acide Belgique Bio Bouteille Bruxelles
La Senne brewed this Belgian Pale Ale with brettanomyces yeast and then aged it for 6 months in Burgundy red wine barrels. Complex and tangy, it is very refreshing.
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Story of Brewery de la Senne

The Senne brewery was born from the meeting between Bernard, who had made a beer for the second edition of the Zinneke parade, and Yvan, lover and historian of the brewing world.

The beer in question was Zinnebir (which needs no introduction).

Over time, they did everything to make their dream of creating their own brewery come true. This is how in 2003 they created the 'Sint-Pieters Brouwerij' in the former premises of the Moriau brewery in Sint-Pieters Leeuw on the outskirts of Brussels.

Their goal was to make craft beer as accessible as possible. This is still the case today because the majority of their beers are sold at more than reasonable prices.

But, proud of their city, they decided to build a brewery in Brussels. This is how, in 2010, they created the Senne brewery in Molenbeek.

brasserie de la senne co-fondateurs

They want to be Brusseleers first and foremost, and that is why their first market is in Brussels, then Belgium and then export, mainly to Italy and the United States. 

The other side of their philosophy is that they make beers that are bitter, balanced, and generally low in alcohol. They sometimes brew strong beers, but the main beers of the brewery remain the Taras Boulba and the Zinnebir, which are respectively at 4.5% and 5.2%.

The Senne brewery pays particular attention to the ingredients that shape its beers. The brewery uses its own yeast while the German hops are selected each year by Yvan, who makes the trip there personally.

The Senne brewery goes organic

Yvan and Bernard announced in 2021 that all beers from the Senne brewery are certified organic. The duo experimented for a year to ensure that the taste and quality of their beers were maintained despite the use of different ingredients. The organic malts come from the Antwerp malting Dingemans, which is the brewery's historic partner. The transition to organic is part of the brewery's environmental responsibility approach, whose new facilities are exemplary in this area. The grains are going for the cows of Rudy, a farmer in the Ternat region.

brasserie de la senne passe au bio

Brasserie de la Senne Tour & Taxis

The Senne brewery has been located at Tour & Taxis since June 10, 2021. Its initial location located on Chaussée de Gand in Molenbeek had become too narrow following the growing success of its beers.

The new 6,000 square meter building is being built on land from the Port of Brussels granted for 30 years. This is where the last editions of the Couleur Café music festival took place. The new installation required an investment of 6 million euros, half for the building and half for the brewing facilities. Particular attention has been paid to the ecological impact with the installation of solar panels, insulation and the recovery of rainwater. Its maximum capacity is 25,000 hectoliters per year and will allow us to anticipate the future with a production of 14,000 hectoliters in 2019.

The old building of 2000 square meters is still in operation and is dedicated to barrel beers.

Brasserie de la Senne visit

The Senne brewery organizes visits by reservation for groups of 15 people minimum. The tour of the facilities lasts an hour and is followed by a tasting of 4 beers from the brewery in the bar or the adjacent Terrace.

Brasserie de la Senne shop

The Brasserie de la Senne store is located on the Tour et Taxis site and is open Monday to Friday from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. It is possible to buy Senne beers individually or by a box, but also the wide range of merchandising available such as coasters, posters, glasses, trays, t-shirts, etc.

brasserie de la senne goodies

Brasserie de la Senne bar

The Brasserie de la Senne is equipped with a bar that adjoins the production facilities and is decorated with a magnificent terrace designed from recycled materials. At the bar, you can find all the beers from the Senne available directly from the barrel.

bar brasserie de la senne

Brasserie de la Senne Delivery

The Senne brewery is one of the most important breweries in Brussels and it sells most of its deliveries there. During the Covid crisis, the Senne brewery delivered directly to Brussels residents who have purchased via their e-shop. Purchases are made by whole box and delivery costs 5€.

The "false brewers" of the Senne brewery

The Senne brewery made a lot of noise in 2014 when it co-signed a letter written by 14 breweries against fake brewers. Namely, entrepreneurs who launch commercial beers without brewing them themselves.

However, this is not always the case, as very few breweries can afford the luxury of investing several million euros in brewing facilities directly. It is a common practice for new brewers to rent the facilities of other craft breweries to brew their own beers. This is how the Senne brewery brewed several times at De Ranke before 2010.

This situation has nevertheless evolved with the creation of two breweries dedicated solely to custom beers with de Proef (1996) and Anders (2012). We thus find brewers who create only the recipes and subcontract all the production to them.

But the reality is more complex than that because some breweries produce partly themselves and partly order, while other breweries subcontract temporarily or for an indefinite period.

But as Yvan de Baets, the co-founder of the Senne brewery, likes to remind us, the recipe is only 10% of a beer. For example, the choice of brewing technologies has a very important influence on the finished product.

Brasserie de la Senne Black Piet

Zwarte Piet is the old name of Brusseleir beer, a black IPA. It makes a caricatural reference to the controversial Tintin comics in the Congo. The brewery decided to change its name following the controversies linked to Père Fouettard and embezzlement by Théo Francken, a controversial former minister for immigration and asylum.

 biere zwarte piet brasserie de la senne




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